RP Revivial - The Scrolls of Gelbaron: The Forsaken Saga

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  1. As the title of the thread suggests, I am bringing a dead RP of mine back for fresh people to participate in.

    The Scrolls of Gelbaron

    The Forsaken Saga

    In the beginning, there were the Ancients. They, both of them created from the same being that time has all but forgotten, were both held responsible for creating the planet Gelbaron. The Light Ancient, representing life and everything is good, set about creating all life that is on there through their own births. The Dark Ancient, representing Death and everything that is dire, carved the landscape and defined every living thing's life span. When both of them worked together, they created the laws of the world, the natural progression of evolution and then formed a mystical force that represented their essence: magic. Once the world was completed, they both had sworn an oath that their balance as opposite sides of a coin and not interfere with the balance that they had created, making sure that whatever one does, the other does something to restore balance. They have both agreed to this and allowed each other to work to their own roles for thousands of eons.

    However, seeing as the world they had created just floating around in their existence and remaining ever so dull for such a long time, the Dark Ancient decided to seize the power of the world for himself and ridding the higher planes of his sister. Looking onto the world, he had planned for years in order for him to control the world and cast the Light Ancient into Limbo. During this time, he poured nearly all of his essence into 20 spheres of pure evil. He created a spell that, depending on the attempts that he needed to gain full control of the world, would allow him to use 4, 6 or 10 of these orbs in order of attempts to gain control of both the planet and the higher planes. Before the Light Ancient had a chance to realize her brother was attempting, he cast them down from his platform onto the different continents of the world.

    Knowing that the oath that they agreed to was broken and something needed to be done to restore balance, the Light Ancient had, with the use of her Light Aura, created a spell and cast it onto 20 random people, hoping that this spell will then create the perfect method to balance the acts the Dark Ancient had created. These people, along with their descendants or objects that have their blood, would then have the purpose of destroying these orbs, with the destruction consuming the living essence of the person or object. Whether these people would realize their own destiny or not is something that only time could tell. As the spell was cast, the Dark Ancient looked on helplessly as his plans were being distorted by this revelation. While he had done everything that he could to prevent his plans from failing with causing disruption that would, hopefully, destroy these Disciples of Light, the balance between the two warring deities stood at a fickle equilibrium.

    Millennia had passed and while the factuality of this battle of the gods had faded into religious texts, this had not stopped the fanatics from searching for these mythical beings or objects. This had been the subject of many wars, ranging from the Schism of the Conuence Empire to the War of 3 Continents, have claimed the lives of many living beings. Everything has been silent for many years, despite some skirmishes. However, something lurks in the unknown future and a storm is brewing over in the Amroth Mountains and the Werepyre Mountains. Another evil voice, the name only known as Lord Sacremento, is uniting these forces for an as-of-yet unknown reason.

    Towns and cities fell to these forces, with many people slain for this cause. It is marching on the gates of the capitals of the two largest empires in the world, Conuence and Terrubane. Yet despite the dire climate in Gelbaron, only a glimmer of hope remains. As history had seen time and again, a band of warriors of all backgrounds join together and, with their might and determination, will stop this madness. Will this madness stop? Only time will tell...
  2. Defiantly interested in this restart, hopefully there'll be lots of new people as well :)
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  3. Glad to see that you are still on board with the revive, kikinki :) I've had plenty of time on rethinking on some of the aspects of the RP and have reworked on some of the races, so there are 9 possible races to choose from.

  4. Yay, lots of choices :D
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