RP Revival LOOKING MxF (PM ROLE PLAYS) F looking for M

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  1. Here is some plots, pm role play only.

    Devil's Daughter (High in Smut)
    Vicious Winter Victory (Rape is involved)
    Angry werewolf seeks revenge after a princess stripped him of medals and was shunned by his friends. One night the wolf staggers upon the same princess who doesn't reconize him. Enraged and drunk he takes his chance for revenge.

    Werewolf was the princess' gaurd and his rage involves jealousy towards a man she was bedding.

    Demons that follow me (Smut heavy)
    YC is a human who was born a half demon. He us a nerdy kid new to school who is very shy about things, but at times his demonic side may show. This involves him mostly protecting a city for other demons drawn in. MC will be a cheerleader who is confident about every thing she does. At first she begins to secretly flirt with him and gets physical because due to the status quo it's considered wrong and she wants to have her nerd fix. Though along the way the nerds demon side shows and she becomes drawn to both and ends up.

    Devil's daughter and Demons that follow me are taken.
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  2. I don't normally do this, but I'll do the 3rd with you

  3. You sure sweetie?
  4. Pretty sure
  5. okie pm me any questions
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