Rp Requests: Mind Readers

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  1. Option 1
    Pairing: Mind Reader X Normal person
    Detail: A person has the ability to read minds. This has caused them to be quite cynical and annoyed and disgusted with humanity, being that he must constantly hear their every thought. This changes when they meet someone whose thoughts stand out clearer in the buzz of everyone else's, and whose thoughts are not disgusting or annoying as the others. The mind reader immediately befriends them and they begin dating after a while, however the mind reader is afraid to admit their ability, scared that the other will be creeped out by them or otherwise disapprove.

    Option 2
    Pairing: Both mind readers
    Detail: Starts off the same as the first, but then the mind reader meets someone who shares their gift. They bond over this and often use it to communicate, becoming each other's constant companions and help each other tolerate the constant flow of thoughts and the worries about others finding out.

    Notes: Thoughts of characters will need to be posted as if spoken in these rp's.
    I rp only MxF couples, as I am terrible at rping anything else.
    I have no minimum length for replies, only that they make sense, have reasonably good grammar, and give me something to reply to.
    I have decided to post separate threads for each of my partner requests in order to easily know which someone is replying to. Please reply to the thread if interested, or send me a PM with the same title as the thread.
    That seems to be all for now, so hopefully I'll be getting someone new to rp with from this. :)
  2. Option 1 is definitely something I would enjoy. If you are still searching or are still interested toss me a PM.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.