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  1. Hello.. So I have two ideas here.
    1. Gale goes into the games instead of Peeta. Volunteers, even. We would then rp the lead up to the games similar to how it is in the books, then in the games they team up immediately. They eliminate attackers fairly easily together and end up the last two, refusing to kill each other. The game makers are pleased for a time with the interactions between them keeping the people watching entertained, Capitol people do love romance, but then attempt to kill one or get them to fight once they get bored. From here we could rp what happens after the games, a revolution where they'd be leaders instead of figure-heads or pawns.
    [I'd really like to do this one, and rp Gale]

    2. Prim is in the games and ends up hiding from a pack of other tributes. Rue saves her and they team up, as Rue teaches Prim how to survive. [I'm not actually sure how this one goes on, probably something like the above about them not killing each other. Need to work on details.]

    OOC notes:
    1 is romance. 2 is not.
    I ask only that replies are fairly frequent, readable, and give me something to reply to. Length does not so much matter.
  2. I think 1 sounds nice, That is something I've read about in many a fanfiction but never truly thought about it. I would love to do it with you :)
  3. Alright. :) So I figured it'd start with them out in the forest before the reaping. Do you want to start it, or give me a title? And do you prefer threads or PM?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.