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    LA Blue: In Los Angeles, A former gang member who decided to turn his life around by working for the other side of the law. Although he is a cadet, he struggles to fit in into his new way of life and begins to think about turning back to the life of crime. However, the police chief is not willing to let this former criminal go, not on her watch.

    Foreign Exchange: A new start, A new life, All of these new experiences will be temporary for you but at least, you'll be an exchange student from another country. Of course, you speak limited English and struggle to adapt to a new culture and a way of life but at least, someone is willing to help ease in and find who you truly are...

    Bar Oasis: There is an old bar called the Oasis Bar in New York, it has been run for many generations, Maxi suddenly inherits the bar from an old experienced bartender. However, he e also has no bartending and relationship experience. Maxi sees this as a chance for his first job out of college and an Irish girl who is often a regular customer shows him the ropes to bartending.

    Out of the Lamp: Chang Hoon lee is a total loser in high school, he can't get a girlfriend, he freaks out in social situations, and he gets bullied a lot but he's on top of his academics. One day, while walking home from school, he finds a lamp out on the neighborhood sidewalk. He rubs the lamp and out came a busty yet curvaceous female genie. She grants Chang 3 wishes but the question is, how will he use his wishes?
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    Snapshots: An 18 year old rookie photographer that photo shoots world famous models decides to be his own boss after getting fired for taking indecent photos and disobeying his superior. However, he doesn't have any money for starting up his own company for his photoshoots. An unknown female billionaire from Russia decides to finance his aspirations after hearing rumours of a rookie photographer being fired and beginning to feel sorry for him. In a letter to him, she states that she will be his benefactor but on one condition, he must become a world-famous photographer by 8 months. After hearing this, he feel that the proposition is suspicious and begins to look into who this mysterious benefactor might be

    Opening Bell: A 25 year old stockbroker is on the end of his rope after losing millions of dollars in flopped IPOs and investments. He is on the verge of going broke until a woman who is playing on the flip side of stock trading and creating Ponzi schemes. At first, he is reluctant to do this but he feels slowly drawn towards the financial underworld realizing that he cannot turn his current fortunes around...
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    Alcatraz: 18 year old Hideki Ashikaga is a juvie, having switched around with schools all around Japan due to chronic incivility and severe dissent. As a result, he made his own parents decide to send him to a high school in Los Angeles with people from the affluent area of Hancock Park to the low-income immigrant community of Koreatown. To him, it's like a prison because the way of life there is constricting. An affluent teenager around his age shows him how to survive at the school from fights to gang brawls


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    Magic Book: In college, the two rules are party hard and get hot girls but the problem here is that 18 year Dex is a nerd who is on the bottom of the social chain, he mostly studies and jocks keep bullying him. One particular day, a jock keeps shoving Dex into the library shelf. Dex gets dazed for a second until he opens his eyes to see the jock's hot girlfriend taking pity on him. She soon notices a magic book that cast spells in Dex's hands and he decides to have fun with with the book.

    Turning the Tables: 21 year old DJ prodigy Stylus (AKA Fabio Veloso) from Portugal is on hiatus after he feels that his creativity is dwindling and innovation is out of his reach. He tried everything from making a song that fits with the next up and coming genre to talking walks of inspiration. When all hope is lost, Fabio begins to think about ending his budding music career until a fellow DJ begins to know his struggles

    Human Resources: You're a corporate CEO bent on gaining money for you and only you. An extremely dominate female, you believe time is money by picking on the intern forcing him to work overtime, almost everyday. Suddenly, the intern decides that he can't take it anymore and the tables turn...

    Fool's Gold: A 21 year old homeless man is living his life out on the streets. The streets of Manhattan is a cruel mistress as he looks at the many glares and scoffs from the wealthy since it is lined with the destitute. A cruel socialite posts an ad about hiring a butler (no experience needed). His growing hostility against the wealthy allows him to seize this opportunity...

    Rising Sun: 22-year old American rapper A.Z (real name Jozy Beasley) is one of the best American rappers at his age and he already founded his own record label. However, it is not doing too well in financial terms until his manager advises him that his label should open up to a Japanese gold mine known as J-Pop. However, the Japanese are a little reluctant of gaijins (foreigners) and it prefers to stick to the music genre that they feel comfortable with. Hearing news that an American rapper is coming to Japan for business, an up and coming J-Pop idol is taking intrigue in the man

    Nexus: An explorer reads a history book to look for some clues for a latest find on treasure. Suddenly, he gets sucked into the medieval era in England with knights and princesses. How will he settle and find his way back home?

    Diesel: Street Racing is the life of thrills, bets, racing and pink slips (not the sign of unemployment, a slip that make the opponent give his car to the winner) but for cab driver, Dev Cantona, he's tired of collecting fares and hearing his passengers complaining about his extremely fast driving. He's seduced by the world of Street Racing and an old flame who is now the queen of the street teaches him on how to drive on the run.

    Shark Tank: In Japan, 20-year old Ryou Takeshi is just your average white-collar worker until he is mysteriously slammed with a 154 million yen (About 1.5 million USD) debt to repay. A mysterious man notifies him of the suspicious debt and adds that he must follow a simple 19 year old girl's instructions. If he does then the debt will be cleared, if not, there is no hope of paying back the debt. He must find the suspicious corporation that did this to him and not only that, he must cope with the girl's demanding instructions while discovering who she is.



    Hot Nerd/Cheerleader
    Biker/Innocent Bystander
    Rich Person/Poor Person

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