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  1. Several hundred years ago, humans had discovered a species of magical humans that held animalistic traits from an entirely different realm. These beings all held a sort of jewel on them that granted them use of their powers, and while they relied on their own illusions and abilities, humans relied on their swords and other weapons. One day, the humans had begun summoning these beings and using them to their own advantages, all the while stripping them of their magic. The "crossbreeds", as the humans would call it, would be forced into battle on the front lines or slaves to do their bidding. One by one more and more of the crossbreeds would come from their realm and be forced to work for little to no money, die in a battle they didn't want to serve in in the first place, or become servants.

    One day, the crossbreeds had had enough and organized a rebellion against the humans, where a large battle broke out and hundreds upon thousands perished. The remaining crossbreeds were able to retrieve their magic jewels and returned to their realm, all but one were able to. This specific crossbreed (Character A) forced themself to trap themself in a thick and nearly indestructible crystal to sleep for many years without aging, and keep anyone from using them as a servant.

    To present day, the humans have forgotten all about the crossbreeds and their abilities since the battle never made it to their history books. A human (Character B) found a damaged crystal while they were searching around in the river. They kept it because they thought it was pretty and not long after he found the crystallized crossbreed, and with the jewel, frees this mysterious crossbreed.

    What I Expect

    ~No one liners
    ~Please RP in third person
    ~No overpowering if you're the crossbreed; the crossbreed usually contains elemental magic but not all of them.
    ~MxM is preferred, though this can be FxF or MxF
    ~If MxF, I will be playing the lady. I guarantee this RP will end quickly if I have to play the guy.
  2. hmmm interesting. MxM kinda cool story here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.