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  1. It seems like there are a lot of really cool RPs on here, but every time I look at one the posts in it are huge. Frankly, I find it intimidating, and it kind of discourages me from joining RPs on here. :/
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  2. I'm not sure where you're looking, but I have the opposite problem. =/

    However, most roleplays will have a listing of their posting requirements. If you see advanced or prestige, most likely the post lengths will be longer than beginner or intermediate. They will usually list it along with the OOC requirements as well. I'm not sure if about group roleplays since I don't usually participate in them, but if you speak to someone about a one x one and explain to them your comfort level for posting, most people will work with you.
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  3. Nydanna is right; there are various levels of writing on here, but there's plenty of people on each level. I wouldn't recommend group RP's because you'll be having a mixing of RP levels. One thing you can always do is go to a person profile and sometimes they will have it listed what they are and prefer lengths. Sometimes people write a big opening to express as much of the RP as possible, but that doesn't mean they will be posting at that same length. Don't feel intimidated, we're one big dysfunctional happy family here :3
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  4. This. Definitely this.

    Lots of people post long intro posts at the beginning of an RP, and then their posts shrink down a bit to a more normal size after the RP's gotten itself moving. If you want to get a good idea of what the post length will be like for an RP, the most recent page will likely be a much better indicator than the first one.

    Additionally, there's no real need to be intimidated. Most GM's, even if they have RP's where people tend to post a lot, won't hold you up to such a high standard unless they've explicitly stated such in the RP requirements or something. I know I, for example, usually keep pretty low, reasonable posting requirements, but people often post more than they need to (as do I). That doesn't mean I make everyone write long posts all the time. People often find themselves apologizing for a short post when I wasn't even going to say anything about it in the first place. ^^"
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  5. Lenhth is not a indicator of particular "Roleplay Skills" as it were. And you'll find that in company of people who write a bit on the bigger side, you'll adapt and learn to match that particular style more often then not. I am not a native speaker of english. And as a result, I have to keep my posts a bit more concise then I sometime like becouse I lack the vocabulary to express the intention of my character and his or her surroundings. And as mentioned, group rps do draw a mixed crowd. But I still suggest taking the plunge. HOw are you to learn if you not dare?
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  6. Most RPs aren't that bad for standards, it's just some people go above and beyond what's expected. Usually with my games, all that's needed is 2-3 paragraphs once a week. Easy peezy!
  7. I ask for no more than one paragraph per post for my role plays. Content is what matters, not length. Length is just a tool.
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  8. I keep meaning to join one of your games at some point.
  9. I've noticed in group RPs, lengths tend to vary on certain variables, such as number of people on. Depending on the kind of person, the posts will be longer than usual if there are few people currently active, or the other way around, and they will be shorter with less people, and longer when many people are there. No clue about one on one though, I've yet to do one.
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  10. It's the quality, not the quantity that matters.

    If you've hit the point that you're having to describe the way the doorbell reminds you of your mother?
    You've probably already posted more than enough.
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  11. You mean like Literate stuff? *looks around for Diana and her rocks*

    (jkjk) But there is a large variety of posting lenghts on this website with a great variety of quality in all of them. Takes a while to filter but after a while you find what suits you ^^
  12. In general, I try to avoid fluff or purple prose. If I'm describing something, I am doing it with a specific purpose in mind.

    That said, some of my posts can become quite long, especially if I have a lot to accomplish with one post. But considering my posting speed can sometimes be infrequent, I make up for it by trying to get a lot done with my posts.