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  1. I'm searching for someone who can write 'bout a paragraph. It doesn't have to be too lengthy, just enough for me to reply a response with. I can play both male and female characters so if you tend to have a preference, don't be afraid to tell me.
    So, I have a few ideas in mind..but if you have any good ideas for these ideas, go ahead and spit them out.

    - Pokemon - I just love playing 'round in the Poke world. With this, character A and B could be rivals on a new adventure or be stuck in Pokemon Art Online, similar to SOA.

    - Bar/Modern City Life - Character A, the owner of a rundown bar is trying to keep his or her bar in business. Character B comes driving 'round town when his or her car breaks down and happens to stop at the bar. B decides to help and work at the bar.

    - High School - This topic ventures out into many branches. An all boys school turns co-ed because of financial problems. A few girls start to attend the high school and chaos takes place between the genders. Another could be like the anime High School of the Dead where zombies take over and such.

    - Survival - Character A and B are on a cruise ship for summer vacation. An unexpected storm takes place and both characters blindly get on the same life boat and sail off onto an unknown island inhabited by a tribal community. One of the tribal soldiers spots the two and chases after A and B. A and B have to rely on each other to survive.
  2. I would love to start a rolepkay with ya. And I'm interested in two ideas :)

    Ahhh I like idea 2 and idea 4.

    I prefer to play female.

    If you wouldn't mind roleplaying with me that is...
  3. I wouldn't mind at all! And playing the male character is fine with me. ^ ^ I'll do either idea 2 or 4 so you can choose which you prefer the most. I'm also a huge fan of romance so if you'd like that, it'd be awesome.

    If you choose the bar idea, would you rather have your character be the bar owner or the one who's car breaks down?
  4. Me too. You gotta have romance hehe.

    And let's.do idea two.

    I'll be the one who's car breaks down.
  5. Alrighties then! I'll post the link to the RP once it's complete. ^ ^
  6. I like Pokemans. :3
    Want to your plot with me?
  7. Yay for Pokemon! Hehe.
    Did any of the two suggested ideas for the Poke RP above intrigue you?
    I'm fine with having the RP set in any region, Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, etc. So if you have a specific region, feel free to tell me.
  8. I like the idea of rivals. c:
    Also be kind, I'm so far behind in the Pokemon world, I think the last game I played was Ruby?
    (Not having a 3DS is horrible.)
  9. Heh. Don't worry about that. ^ ^ I don't have any 3ds so I choose to stick with the early generations.
    How does the Kanto region sound? c:
    For the RP, would you prefer having us both start out as new trainers or already have experience (we already have a full team, beat 1-2 gym leaders, etc)?
  10. i like the highschool of the dead idea
  11. I'm fine with that region. c:

    Hmm, it matters on what gender I will be playing, so first I need to ask;
    • What type of coupling are you fine with? (i.e. femalexmale, femalexfemale, malexmale?)
    • Which gender would you like to play?
  12. [MENTION=5809]Aliceღ[/MENTION]
    Any coupling is fine with me. I'm open to all.
    I would like to play female, but I can play the male if you'd like.

    Sweet! What gender would you prefer to play?
  13. Hm, well overall I was thinking of playing a very circus influence character who is changing their profession.
    I was thinking they used to be a Pokemon performer, but now they are pursuing becoming a great trainer.
    Would that be fine?

    I think a male or a female would fit this role fine, so I'm in a bit of a ditch, hehe. ( ॢ ◡ ॢ);
  14. I like the high school one where it's an all boys school turned co-ed. So if your still looking I am very much interested.
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