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  1. Hey! I'm April, I'm looking to do an RP with a dominant opposite. I'm open to fetish you can throw at me except foot fetish, that one just doesn't click. I'll do FxF MxM or MxF or anything else you can think of. I play submissive, I'm not a dominant person. Please have semi decent grammar and spelling. It helps everyone and anyone involved in this. One liners on occasion are a okay, but please put in some detail, if your stuck, ok, but otherwise, please no one liners.

    Okay so I really want to do some yaoi right now. Like really badly >.< so if it's pink, I'd prefer yaoi otherwise whatever kind you want
    Possible Pairings (my role bolded)
    Master x Pet
    Master x Slave
    Millionaire x Secretary
    Master x Neko
    Vampire x Human
    Furry x Human (or other war around)
    Doctor x Patient
    Older Brother x Younger Brother

    If you have a plot already, I'm also happy to fill that.
    Send me a PM!
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  2. I'd be up for MasterxPet, MasterxSlave, or MillionairexSecretary! PM me if you'd like to discuss additional details.
  3. Millionaire x Secretary? PM me~♥
  4. Sorry I haven't replied!!! ^-^' I've been really sick I will PM you guys, lemme catch up on some of my role plays first though, I'll get to y'all by thanks giving
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  5. MasterxNeko?
  6. Sure! Shoot me a PM