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  1. Hai guys!!! Aleczandrya here and NEED some new rps. Just about every single one of mine have disappeared off the face of the earth and now I'm sad. Now for a few things about me.

    ~I only play females because it's what I'm most comfortable with and I'm best at so you will respect that if you want the best replies out of me.
    ~I am a mirror poster which means I post what my partner posts but my average is anywhere between 1 decent sized paragraph to 3 paragraphs.
    ~I can play dominant or submissive depending on the plot,
    ~Speaking of plots, I don't want to be the only one coming up with something which is why I'm not putting plots and only pairings because I'd rather have myself and my partner come up with a plot together.
    ~I'll Rp through either PM or thread.

    Now for parings!!! The underlined role is my preference.

    Tattoo artist x Client
    x Teacher
    Step brother x Step sister
    Band Member x Fan
    Strangers meet at a Night Club
    Two people stranded on an island
    Master x Slave
    Master x Neko

    That's all I got for now but if something else comes up I'll add it. Reply here or PM me if you're interested.
  2. I'd be interested in your Student x Teacher pairing.
  3. Awesome! PM me and we can talk about it ^^
  4. I could do the Master x Neko rp.
  5. Great just pm me ^^
  6. Since you're already doing the Neko x Master one, do you think you'd be willing to let me do the Neko in that one?
  7. Actually, they never did message me so that ones still completely open
  8. Ok. Would you still be willing to do the master?
  9. I'm not too good at playing a dominant role... Sorry
  10. Ok darn. I'm really in the mood to play a neko character.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.