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Rp partner wanted for some of the ideas I have.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Esmeralda Blackheart, May 25, 2014.

  1. Hello. If anyone would be interested, I do have a few rps plots I am interested in living it.

    1) human x human (m/f) {typical highschool rp}

    2) Other beings x human (m/f) {highschool modern fantasy/medieval}

    3) Other being/human x dragon/elf/neko (m/f) {modern/medieval. Depending on which you want.}

    Umm... well that's all. Except,
    1) You must at least have a decent grammar.
    2) No one liners. 5 lines minimum.
    3) Do not disappear on me please. This has happened a lot and I do not appreciate it.
    4) Must either be a Male or can roleplay as one. I am the female char since I do not rp well as a guy.

    I am open to more plots and discussions ^.^
  2. I'm up for a a good fantasy high school prompt- Never tried it, but I'm up for something new if you're willing to give me a shot as a partner.
  3. Sure, drop me a pm ^.^