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  1. Well I am new to this site, but not new to rping. So I am search for partners, either long term or short term. I'm not really too picky about what I am rping about. I do have a few ideas though. So if any one wants to rp, I'm your woman! You can either post here or PM me.

    But here are the ideas I do have in mind for an rp:

    1. Two siblings(either twins or how many years apart doesn't matter), parents die tragically in a car accident. Having no relatives left in the united states, they have to move completely out of the country to Romania, with an Aunt and Uncle that they have never seen before, and only heard their parents speak of once or twice. They arrive to find them living in a really old mansion...and they seem very odd and eccentric. As the two siblings get settled in and trying to adjust to their new lives, they come to discover that maybe all is not what is seems with their so called Aunt and Uncle and maybe just maybe they're hiding something...

    2. The main character (which would be your OC preferable female) livings in a town, which is mostly made up of their higher up middle class and the rich. Everyone dresses the same and lives in houses that are "cookie cutters"- meaning they almost all look the same. But on the outskirts of the city, just past the graveyard there is an old house on a lonely hill, that no one has lived in for many, many years. That is until a family moves in, then rumors begin to fly around saying that this new family is of the supernatural sort. And the main character decides to debunk them and see if they are true or not...

    3. Thousands of years ago, humans and dragons used to live in harmony with one another...but humans began to get more and more violent towards one another. And as a result, the dragons completely disappeared...no one could figure out why and figure out where they went to. Some believe that they went back into the ocean from once they came while others say that they buried themselves deep under the ground near the planets core in a sort of deep hibernation. Of course that was thousands of years ago, so humans have learned to live without them, and now of course just have stories that the elders have told- which have been handed down for centuries on how it used to be. King Merthais and Queen Esther rule over most of the countries, they have a daughter and soon to be a son- but she loses the baby. The Queen goes into a deep depression and is very distant from her family and subjects. While walking along the river bank she hears a cry and follows it to find a baby boy...but the baby boy was different...he was half dragon. Not caring the Queen took him back and raised him as her own. Of course this was the royal families secret...
  2. I like the first and second plot, which one do you want to do more?
    Also for the second plot, is there romance involved? Because that would really get it moving along, my female character could be very curious and try to find out what you are. Then things happen along the way.. Etc.
    you should pm me! We can talk more if you want.
  3. Ok, I shall PM you.
  4. I'm quite interested to see where you are going with on the first plot.
  5. @Taichou would you like me to PM you?
  6. I really like the last plot.
  7. Alrighty, would you like me to PM so we can discuss?
  8. Hi there! Are you currently doing the second plot with anyone?
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