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  1. Hey guys so I have some rules that I want to set before I get to my plot ideas.

    1. I can post 2-3 Paragraphs on average. I DO NOT have a problem with rping with people who are not able to post huge long paragraphs. I prefer quality over quantity. I DO however expect at the very least a 5-6 sentence paragraph.

    2. If you have a problem with how the rp's going, figuring out how to reply or simply want to stop the rp please please let me know.

    3. I don't bite so feel free to pm with ideas or thoughts about the rp. I love people who are active in an rp even if it's not their idea.

    5. I am on here almost everyday and would like someone who is also frequent here. I understand that real life gets in that way, but please drop me a line if you're going to be absent for a while.

    6. I love hearing your ideas. If I don't have something here that suites you pm me with an inquiry. As stated before I'm open to just about anything and am very friendly.

    Modern times/slice of life
    Medieval times
    Ancient Rome/Greece
    High school

    Pairings (character I prefer to play are first.)
    Fan/famous person

    I'm only going to put my dislikes because it's shorter than my likes. If I haven't put it down I probably like it, but feel free to pm and ask me.

    Toilet play
    Underage play (high school is fine as long as the characters are 18)
    Sexual Violence (rape is fine as long as it's agreed on before hand)
    Super descriptive violence i.e The sword cut though the neck/arm/leg like butter and blood flowed and spurted like a fountain. The ground became soaked red and the grass speckled. Their were screams as bodies fell to the ground like rocks and men let out long rattling final breaths.
    Werewolves (I do play shifter rps because I see the two as very different creatures. Please pm me if you want a more detailed explanation of how I see the two.)

    I am open to all kinds of new things as long as there is nothing from my dislike list. I rp both in the forums and though pm as well as email, but not though IM. I will at sometime post ideas I have, but as of now all the ones I have I'm kind of burnt-out on so I'm looking for rp ideas you might have. Don't be shy to ask I'm a really nice person and no matter if you're new or old I'd love to rp with you.

    Finding Love That Doesn't Hurt (Tops or Switches needed Set in Modern times)

    Zack Campbell has had one big relationship in his 26 years on earth. It was also an abusive relationship and, it only ended because Zack's family got him out of it. Zack is still scared of his ex and it's been three years since it ended. Zack has been getting help both seeing a therapist and, making a groups of friends that know about his past and, don't think less of him because of it. He's been thinking of maybe trying to date when he gets a new co-worker (Your Character). The guy seems to send out big don't fuck with me signals, but working at the animal shelter makes Zack think he can't be all bad. This turns out to be true and, Zack starts to make friends with him and develops a crush. However, his friends and, family are worried that Zack's falling into another bad relationship and Zak himself is still skittish. Can Zack put his past behind him and, show his family/friends that his new crush isn't like his ex? What happens when it turns out that Zack's ex might not be gone after all.

    Need someone to play a tough guy with heart of gold. He can have a bad past, but I really need the character to show his softer side sooner rather than later even if it's just around the animals. This story will contain detailed flashbacks/talks about a relationship with emotional, physical, and a little bit of sexual abuse. If any of this is a trigger for you I wouldn't rp this. It also includes my character talking about past thoughts of suicide so again if talks of that's a trigger please do not rp this. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Blue Magic (Tops or Switches needed Set in Modern times)

    Tyler Kelly has always loved water. When he's 13 he finds that he can control water. His parents freak when they find out and think he's been possessed. They manage to get a "priest" to come and exorcise the "demon", but it only conditions Tyler to believe he is cursed and that he must hide his powers. It also leaves Tyler with a hard time trusting people.

    By the time he's 23 his powers have gotten stronger and Tyler's on the edge of a mental breakdown. Part of that has to do with him being gay and, terrified of what his parents will do when they find out. Three months after his 23rd birthday Tyler goes out for a walk in the park. He meets (your character) and, see that he has the power to control (your choice). Tyler is shocked that there is someone out there like him and even more so that they have no hang up about using them. They strike up a friendship though Tyler is hesitant, but he slowly begins to heal. Just as he realized his feeling for (your character) they notice people following them. Are they people like Tyler's parents who see the two as possessed by demons? Are they from the government and want to use the pair for power or are they something darker that wants to consume their power and leave both dead?

    I need someone who controls a power different from what Tyler has. It has to be an element, but other than that it can be anything. Tyler has a somewhat dark past and the "exorcism" will at some point be detailed. It will involve shock treatment and a not too accurate description of an exorcism ritual. If either the shock treatment or Tyler's scathing view on religion bothers you please don't rp this. I do tend to slowly make Tyler a happier person, but in the beginning he will be dark, unhappy, and has an issue with self harm. If the self harm is a trigger please don't rp this. Other than the things listen above if you have questions please feel free to ask.

    Learning to trust Again (Setting Modern Times Top needed)

    Alex Luca has been trying to figure out how to get back into the BDSM community after being with an abusive dom. He longs to submit, but so far he has not been able to trust anyone enough to enter subspace and, he sometimes ends up having flashbacks. He starts to see a sex therapist who diagnoses him with PTSD and, send him to a dom who might be able to help him heal. At first he is nervous because while he considers himself a sub he's never been properly trained. He's worried that the dom his therapist wants him to see won't accept him. The dom dose though and sees the untapped potential in Alex's untrained body. The dom is suppose to help Alex be able to enter subspace and not have flashback during a scene, but Alex ends up wanting more. Can they have it or will Alex have his heart broken this time instead of his body?

    (Need someone who is aware of how BDSM sub/dom relationships work. I'm not asking for an expert or a real life dom, just someone who knows how to play one. The sex in this rp will be slow coming. I want the dom working with Alex to show him what a sub/dom relationship should be like before sex is involved. I will be going into some details of things like, safe words being ignored, manipulation to get an okay to pursue what's suppose to be a hard limits, and soft limits being pushed to the extreme. If any of these things are triggers for you please do not rp. If you have any questions pm me.)
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  2. I'd be interested in a fan/famous person :) Or neko/human
  3. In need of a new pack (Modern Day Top needed.)

    Ryan (MC) has been kicked out of his old pack for a crime he didn't commit. Because he is an omega and somewhat rare he was not killed even though he should have been. Ryan has been turned away from every pack he's met due to the mark on his hand branding him a traitor. Now four weeks away from his heat and with no pack to protect him Ryan in preparing to have to fight for his virginity. That is until he meets a shifter (YC) who pays no mind to the brand on Ryan's hand and invites him to join the pack. Ryan is confused and scared at first even more so when he learns the man who took him in is an alpha. Ryan is at first sure he is just going to be used, but soon learns that the alpha wants Ryan as his mate. Ryan refuses at first, but the alpha began to court him. As Ryan's heat comes closer he has to deiced if he trust the alpha enough to mate with him or if he wants to wait a little bit longer. However he might not get the chance when an old member of his pack tries to tear apart the new life Ryan is trying to build.

    Need someone to rp as the other shifter.
  4. For the good of the kingdom (AU Renaissance period possible fantasy setting Seme or Seke needed)

    Adam Crook is the youngest of three brothers. His kingdom is on the brink of war, and he needs to enter and arranged marriage to secure a powerful allie. Adam had always held hope that he could marry out of love, but fate had other plans. He is to marry the youngest son of a neighboring kingdom and the wedding needs to happen as soon as possible. Adam is at first unhappy about the marriage, but soon after meeting his fiance he finds he likes him. However, while love might be blooming so is war. Adam might have to accompany his new husband onto the battlefield, and it seems that their might be a traitor in their midst.

    Need someone to play the other prince. In this world being gay is treated more like how it is today. Some people are okay with it, and other aren't. If you want we could give this a fantasy element and have magic or possible elves.
  5. Star Crossed in Japan(Modern Japan Seme or Seke needed)

    Saku and his brothers are yakuza in a turf war. Saku ends up running into a rival gang member. Instead of fighting they end up talking and discover a mutual attraction to each other. They start dating in secret until one of his brothers spots the two. Will the star cross lovers get a happy ending or it end like a tragic play?

    (Need someone to play the rival gang member. I'm not looking for anything really specific other than him falling for Saku.)

    Boxing, Love and Secrets (Modern time need Seme or Seke.)
    Four brothers work with their father to train boxers. The oldest Dan Manages,, the second oldest Kent trains, the second youngest Mark is the medic/nutritionist and the youngest Josh is a personal assistant. When they get a new boxer they at first are worried that he might be too much for them to handle. He's good at fighting, but there are rumors that he has anger issues. He seems to like Josh though and he follows his training and diet regimens perfectly. As the two start taking steps to becoming more than friends the past the boxer would rather forget comes out of the shadow and might ruin everything.

    Looking for someone to play the boxer. His past can be anything you want it to be. Again not looking for anything too specific.
  6. Very interested in Finding Love that Doesnt Hurt. If your still looking =)
  7. Finding Love has been taken.
  8. Blue Magic sounds fun. owo
  9. I would be up for;
    Blue Magic
    In need of a new pack
    For the good of the kingdom

    I can play both seme as sekes (and uke) whatever you prefer. My writing style is mostly 2-3 paragraphs, depending on the situation and what I have to work with. I always try to at least write 15-20 sentences minimum. I am frequently online and will try to reply several times a day. Love to hear from you
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