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  1. Um I don't normally do anything involving religion. So please don't think this is some bible thumping RP. Because it isn't. Any and all characters are welcome. And I do mean anything. The plot is really about these half breed demons choosing their own path and way to live life. Anyway it would be great to get some more half breeds, wolfs, elves, humans, and even full demons.
  2. May or may not be interested depending on how much free time I get. I'm confused as to how you manage to relate demons to the bible though.
  3. The way I was raised was that demons were as bad as the devil. But I don't really believe that.
  4. I was more commenting on that the idea of devils etc originated in ancient civilisations, as far back as the cave people. The egyptians, greeks, and romans also had them. So did babylonians. In fact, the word "Satan" is derived from the word "Shaytan" as appears in the Qu'ran, and the term "Devil" is a latin term meaning deceiver. I could go on, but my Xbone just finished updating and i have GoT to watch..
  5. Lol I see. Well I just thought it would be interesting to do and play around with. A lot of good ideas to be played out but lacking in creativity.
  6. oh yeah demons are always fun. Just decided i'd comment about it anyway. It's strange how I take offense when people misinterpret a religious text that I myself slander daily.
  7. I see ^^ and trust me I understand the feeling.
  8. Hi. Can I still join this RP :) where do I signup at?
  9. Of course you can. ^^ Is there a certain type you want to be?
  10. Hi, didn't know the status on this. Could I join? I'd like to be a half-demon, if that'd be alright. Is there another thread for signups or is it this one?
  11. Lol. Sorry. I meant half wolf
  12. Of course. :) Y'all can be whatever you want and yes this is the sign up place for the RP. I'm still learning so please bear with me. Also for others to know you can simply say what you plan to be and then go to the RP and start your story. Make things up be fun, wild and crazy. If you have any questions message me. And if you would like to join Fern on her adventure just let me know.
  13. Hello, may I join? I'm half vampire half succubus. I would love to find some people that love to rp and are willing to with me :) hehe and at times I do speak in character since well zoey is one of my personalities.
  14. I roleplay as a demoness. o3o
  15. Of course ^^. Just make sure to have tons of fun.
  16. Oh gosh sorry Lost Within somehow ended in the graveyard so now I've remade it and it's in the Jump-in category. ^^
  17. Also please begin posting right away after you post on here telling me what you want to be. Thank you and happy RPing ^^
Thread Status:
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