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  1. A young child around age around age 7 after getting to school walks up to the bus that's going to take her and her classmates along with kids from a few other grades to the school across town for the day. She remembers how her parents divorced before she was born from stories her mom had told her and she thinks about her mom saying how her dad is the principal at the school her school is going to visit. She gets a bit nervous about seeing and meeting him for the first time as she gets on the bus with her class, the classes from her grade, and the classes from the other grades that are going.
  2. Everett Whitney was anxious, in fact that would be an understatement. He felt like he's an ant on a hot pot, biting his lips nervously because he's meeting his sister for the first time in his life. He had taken the extra effort of packaging himself so that he would appear to be a good brother. If looks could kill, he's one to die for.

    His shoulder-length blond hair was tied up high, forming a short pony tail. He wore a frame-less glasses which lay before his emerald green eyes. His skin was sun-kissed but it wasn't tan, instead it compliment his entire look. Wearing casual today, he decided to go with a pair of green pants and white shirt with black leather shoes.

    He was carrying a large teddy bear, buying it under a recommendation of his friend. He wonders whether she would like it or not. He couldn't help but pace around the bus-stop as he awaits for her to arrive.

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  3. (That's okay..I know how it is..I was kinda new at RPing like this when i first joined RPOW back when it was still up.^^ I was so used to one liners that it took me a while to post there. But i soon got the hang of rping in paragraphs.^^ And new rps are hard too. I have a tough time comming up with starters sometimes.^^)

    Kimmy gets off the bus at the other school a few hours later with her class, the other classes following and she gulps as she nears the courtyard, her nerves now really affecting her. She then hears her father over the intercom and hears him announce her schools arrival and says to herself "I guess my father can see us from where he's at. I wonder what he's going to think." She gulps again as they enter the playground and a sweat drop runs down her face. As Kimmy walks through the playground she sees Everett near a tree holding the teddy bear and she says to herself "Who is he? He looks as nervous as I am." Kimmy then hears her father announce to the other kids on the playground, Everett included about her school walking through the playground to alert them to properly welcome her school to theirs. She then tries to hide behind the pole that the monkey bars are attached to.
  4. ((is Kimmy his sister?))
  5. In a distance he notices a girl, hiding behind a pole. She appears to be of the same age as her sister, Kimmy. Her rosy cheeks remained him of the apples he was so fond of. She seems to be nervous, and he finds it amusing since he's in the same predicament right now. Approaching her carefully, he squatted down, making sure the teddy bear stayed abouve the dirt and asked, 'Hello, are you lost or something?'
  6. Kimmy looks to Everett and says feeling to him very nervous "N..no..I'm here with my school..W..we're hear to visit today."
  7. 'I see,' Everett nodded, 'So are you waiting for somebody?'
  8. Kimmy says "W..well your school and your principal I guess are supposed to show us around the school right? Or is your school's principal going to do it by himself?" She says that showing her nerves a little more clearly.
  9. 'I see... I'm waiting for someone too. And come to think of it, she's of your age to. Maybe you would have know her or something. You know like friends.' He smiled and rubbed her head.
  10. Kimmy "Really? What's the girl's name?..
  11. 'Her name is Kimmy, do you know her?' He asked.
  12. Kimmy "Huh?" She blinks her eyes a couple of times supprised that he knows her name and also wondering why he was waiting for her. But before she can respond, she then looks and sees the principal of the school coming out and she puts her hand to the pole getting as close to it as she can and she gulps again hoping the principal won't notice her.
  13. He turned around and saw the principle in a distance. Whispering, he asked, 'What's wrong?'
  14. Kimmy looks to Everett and says "The man over there..the principle of this school..well that's my father. But he and my mom divorced before I was even born. I guess he got my mom pregnant with me sometime shortly before but neither one of them knew about it before they parted. I doubt he knows even now. My mom didn't ever like talking about him with me. I always saw the frustration in her eyes whenever I asked her. So I don't think she ever told him about me being born. And I'm not sure how he feels about her either to this day and whether or not he's still very angry with her like she seems to be with him.