Rp List (Contains Robots, Demons and Lil Dudes)


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Hello! I have a few ideas ranging from Robots to Demons and even Lil Guys from Nintendo.

☆ Robots: Sun and Moon (FNAF)

I have quite a few ideas for these two. Both are infatuated with an HR lady of the Pizzaplex. She refuses to wear pants and secretly idolizes Miss Bellum, causing her outfits to almost get her in trouble often. She works, but doesn't take her job seriously, she adores the jester robots and excuses any and all bad behavior either Sun or Moon causes. I have a few storylines for these guys, and if you want to do this Rp, just tell me~!

☆Robots: Imperial Security Droid (STAR WARS)

I haven't brought out this character in a while; Talzea Croosheena. Everyone just calls her "cookie". She's a previous water farmer's daughter mostly raised around Jawas. She is a thief and trader to her Jawa friends. She goes from planet to planet with her in love Security Droid, K-4. A hacked imperial Droid who accompanies Cookie on her heists, to protect the 5'1 thief from danger. All cargo is to different Jawa groups and tribes.

◇Demons: Mammon (HELLUVA BOSS)

As much as I don't enjoy the story telling in Helluva Boss, I like the characters Mammon and Robo Fizz, but I would very much be open to changing a LOT of things around. For example, I'm up to redesigns of Bee and her personality, and making Asmodeus a bit more intimidating and darker as the sins should be. But that doesn't mean they can't be fun.

I'm open to ideas people have of any character and storyline, as they're fun to play around with.
I even have an AU where Helluva Boss is a soap opera in Hell, and each character is just an actor, confused by the weird script and direction the show is taking. Mammon is just a big, married sinner demon who's sick of being associated with Mammon.

I would love to play around with the characters and storylines because again, I'm not a huge fan of the story and execution, but I really love Robo Fizz and Mammon, as well as playing with different ideas.

◇Demons: Robo Fizz (HELLUVA BOSS)

Still feel the same about the show as stated above, but, I do have an idea where Mammon has a Maid Mansion, where maids live and they can clean your house. He sometimes comes in to have fun, but one maid in particular buys a robot Fizzarolli and names him "Poppo", she hides from the big Mammon himself when he comes along and goes to different places in Hell with her snarky and amorous jester robot.

○Lil Nintendo Guys: Tom Nook/Jolly Redd (ANIMAL CROSSING)

If you wanna do Animal Crossing Rps, just tell me, I have a BUNCH of plots that can get very drama filled, and some that are just wholesome. Featuring my ditzy, animal loving idiot of a mayor, Bunni. She's a self proclaimed Veterinarian, but she never got her degree. She DOES read a lot of animal medical books.

○Lil Nintendo Guys: Meta Knight (KIRBY)

I have a few ideas for Meta Knight, either in-game Universe or even that silly Lil show that came out for it years ago. Having the sweet tooth he does, he's managed to find himself with a woman taller than him, and she reminds him of a strawberry-chocolate parfait. She has a habit of getting herself into trouble.
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