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  1. Lookin to do a small group RP. Kinda thinkin Vampires. I know its soooo original, but they can be fun. Maybe a manor house RP. Don't know yet. Give me some ideas lol, and hopefully we can get something started :D

  2. Well if you're gonna do a vampire RP, I'd like to know what type of Vampire character/s you'll be using.

    I refuse to do anything twilight ish.

    So if you could give me some more info, might be able to help you brain storm
  3. -Despises Twilight- Kinda thinkin somethin more around the lines of, Interview with a Vampire.
  4. That works for me,.. pretty much as long as its not twilightish I can roll with it

    This might sound strange,.. but do you have a character already written up?
    I find for myself once I have the idea of the characters invovled I have an easier time writing the story around them.

    Yeah I work kind of backwards LOL
  5. The only way a vampire rp could be possibly interesting these days considering how overrated the genre has become is make the scenario bat shit crazy. Such as a squad of vampires trained to eliminate zombies, cyborgs, big foot, & trolls.
  6. Vampires. So cheesy, but I cannot help but roleplay them once in a while. Glad to see the whole gay-glittering-vampires of Twilight are out. Have any more to the plot in mind?
  7. I know I'm a bit of a newb around here, but, I figured maybe I could give you this idea.

    I know this sounds a little weird..Maybe. But. I know victorion camps are cool and all, but, maybe if you had it in a more futuristic setting? Like..Maybe they are a sub species that aren't even vampires.. But that's what they are called anyways because of certain conditions? Maybe they are a rebel group or freak experiments to make them that way? (Yes totally going all Maximum Ride on this..)

    I dunno @@; Just some ideas I wouldn't mind seeing in an RP, make the vamp genre you are going for less... "Oh Bella I love you"
  8. The RP should definitely try to make the vampires different from what everyone expects to see. While they are EVERYWHERE, I can't help but like the idea of a vampire RP... I would think maybe something that's a little funny because there's too much "serious" stuff with vampires and it's gotten so old. I suggest something funny without being just plain stupid or cheesy.
  9. I've been watching The Vampire Diaries. [Probs dorky, I know, but whatever.] So I'd like a vampire-based role-play, I've been craving something supernatural.
  10. For all of you that I kind of just let hangin, I am so sorry, my new work schedule absolutely blows but I love it all the same time, im gone two weeks out of the month and home the other two, so sorry for the sudden dissapearances, I get some time while on the job to post but not much. But, I did start a jump in post named Yokai Academy, and im looking for a couple female vampire characters!

    So if you would like to endulge those beautiful imaginations of yours, be my guest!