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  1. Three ideas I would want to play, I would want players that write at least 2-3 paragraphs per post.

    Life just turned 180 degrees! (Taken)
    Jasmine's parents just died and she now lives alone, but just a day after the funeral some guy shows up at her door and tells her that he is her future husband, then he forces her to come with her to his mansion. From living in a small apartment without money to living in a mansion with a guy that wants to marry her. He tells her that her parents had wanted this but they died before they could talk to her. Ofcourse she doesn't want to, she doesn't even know the guy. But he wont let her leave the mansion. Will she fall in love with him?

    - Secret mission (Taken)
    A secret agent had been asigned the mission to protect the granddaughter to one of the worlds most wealthy men. Ofcourse she had many guards already but she hated to always being protected so she often tried to run away and sometimes succeeded. The agents job is to get in to her school as a student and pretend to be her friend while he protects her. Even when they are apart from eachother he need to be close enough to see so nothing happens without her noticing him. This is because she had become to tired of the guards in school and bothered her grandfather untill he gave up and let her be without the guards in school. Ofcourse he were to afraid that something would happen so he just pretended that no one would watch her.
    Everyone can be an enemy, even family members. A lot of people in her family became pissed when they got to hear that everything would go to his granddaughter and no one else. (her parents are dead that’s why it goes to her instead)
    Searching for someone that can play the agent!

    - From boy to pirate
    When they were kids they had been best friends, but one day he decided to go with a pirate ship and he left her. Some years later he meets her again,he has become the captain on the pirate ship he joined. She is angry because he left her and when he leaves again she sneaks on his ship, he doesn’t notice before the next morning when they find her sleeping in her hiding place. It’s to late to turn around so he is forced to take her with him for a while. What will happen? How will their relationship turn out?
    (Searching person that will play the pirate)
    (Won't do space pirates, it's normal pirates in the pirate era. Though we can put in sea monsters, sirens and such stuff.)

    -A pirate's story
    It's a time when pirate's are ruling over the seven seas. on the pirate ship Black Diamond a boy has started to work. Soon the captain starts to suspect the boy and as he starts to keep an closer eye on him he notice that the boy actually are a girl. What is her reasons for taking the risk of entering a pirate ship dressed as a boy? What will happen between the captain and the girl?

    *I play the girl
    *It's and adventure rp, they will get attacked by other pirates, sea monsters, maybe they get trapped on islands later, and so on.

    Idea 1:
    One person has been in the asylum for a longer time and accepted that he/she has this mental sickness and the other person has just been forced to the asylum and doesn't want to accept that he/she has this mental sickness.

    Idea 2:
    My character arrives at the asylum and doesn't really accept his/hers sickness, soon he/she gets feelings for one of the people working there, and the person working there doesn't really feel that this person really belongs in the asylum at the beginning because he/she doesn't seem so insane.

    (In both ideas there will be some doctors that experiments on the sick people in the asylum which makes their sicknesses worse. So after some time they start to act worse. (For example, a person with split personality will have the other personalities come out much more often after some time in the asylum)

    Two teenagers whom both are from rich families have been forced to an island to get to know each other. Their parents has already arranged a marriage between the two of them and they thought that if those two were alone on an island they can't get away from then something would eventually happen. The only other people that comes to the island are the maids that comes to clean once a week and the cook's assistant that takes the boat over to the island to give them breakfast, lunch and dinner. (The cook makes the food on an island close by which then are delivered by the assistant)
    Will the two young be able to like each other?
    (Would prefer playing the girl)

    If you have other ideas then just throw them at me ;) Especially if it has to do with pirates :9 It is the pirate month after all x3 I mostly do girls if it's not a M x M, I can be a badass girl but my guys will always be submissive, so think about that when you're plotting if you have your own idea xD

  2. i don't mind doing the first idea or second one with you :)
  3. If you still have the second one open, I'd be interested in doing it with you. ^^
  4. Chloe:
    The first idea got taken yesterday but we can do the second one ^^

    Memorium: As you see the second idea just got taken, but we can try to come up with another plot if you would want to :)
  5. Haha, alright. I'll send you a message. ^^
  6. (Updated, still searching partners x3)
  7. (Updated again, if you have other ideas than these then don't be afraid to ask.)