Rp ideas to check reply if interested

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  1. Hey I'm Jessica or cookie if want to call me, I'm a very big roleplayer because I do some Roleplaying on the site called hexrpg and it awesome but I'm hoping this site can reach up to its levels in my mind and I mostly do a minimum of 2 paragraphs and I mostly play female so no males I'll be playing. Here are some ideas of what I like:

    My sisters keeper
    cheaper by the dozen
    what a girl want
    The parent trap
    Anoy of the twilight movies
    Harry potter movies

    Tv programmes

    warehouse 13
    murder she wrote

    and unknown

    Teenage Pregnancy
    Slash romance
    femmeslash romance both at High school boarding school romance

    and any other you can suggest :) also if you want it to be mature we will have to do it through my email because I'm 14 and not allowed in the mature forum next so if you want to do a mature email me at sketcher818@gmail.com
  2. I would be interested in doing a harry potter rp with you. Would you be ok with us doing the rp via email?
  3. I love the teenage pregnancy idea. I play howrse and we have a school one on there in my forum and my person was pregnant xD I would love to do that RPG with you :)
  4. That would be fine