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  2. Marine Cove: The Staff Life

  3. World Under the Sea

  4. Rougher Seas

  5. Finding Neverland ( Kinda based off movie)

  6. Locked in for the night

  7. Burlesque

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  1. ( All plots not fully formed Just interest check... Won't all be up at the same time.

    My CO GMS are @~Happily.Ever.After~ and @Princess Poisoned Rose )

    Marine Cove: The Staff life (open)
    Small open plot:

    Have you ever wished to be a animal trainer. Any animal that comes to mind. Well Marine Cove is hiring new trainer's to work with our wonderful marine animals here in our park. the animals are treated well. They are happy and healthy this is about your relationship with them and those around you. Also if you don't want to work with the animals just want work in a park Their will be other open positions



    Killer Whales
    Lead Trainer Male Ali
    2 trainers
    male open
    female open

    Bottlenose Dolphins
    Lead Trainer Female Happily
    2 Trainer's
    male open
    female open

    Beluga Whales
    Lead Trainer Male open
    2 trainer's
    male ooen
    Female Happily

    Short Finned Pilot Whales
    Lead Trainer Female open
    2 trainer's
    male open
    female open

    California Sea Lions
    Lead Trainer Female Wicked
    2 trainer's
    male Happily
    female open

    Harbor Seals
    Lead Trainer Male @OrenjiGatsu
    2 trainer's
    male open
    female open

    Polar Bears
    Lead Trainer Male @Tarieles
    2 trainer's
    male Happily
    female wicked

    California Sea Otters
    Lead Trainer Female Rose
    2 trainer's
    male Happily
    female wicked

    Lead Trainer Male wicked
    2 trainer's
    male open
    female open

    Lead Trainer Female open
    2 trainer's open
    male wicked
    female Happily

    Asian Small-Clawed Otters
    Water Monitor
    Sea Turtles

    Lead Diver Female Rose
    Lead Keeper Male open
    Male Diver open
    Female Keeper Happily

    Other open Jobs
    can be pawn characters not Mandatory

    Cove mermaids Show
    Lead Wicked
    1 Happily
    2 Rose
    3 Thingtastic
    4 open

    None water Jobs
    Concession Stands open

    Characters to dress as:
    Peter Penguin Happily Female
    Panda The polar bear open

    Gift store workers open

    Under the sea (open)
    The world Under the Sea
    Have you ever wondered what it was like to be under the sea. Well now you can know exactly. Creature's under the sea This includes mermaids, They live all over the ocean and have many powers.
    Happily Water manipulation
    Wicked Dark manipulation
    Rose weather manipulation
    sandmanipulation Thingtastic
    Earth Dragon-Goddess
    Fire Kimslim

    Rougher Seas (open)
    The wind howned and raged around the captain as he stood at the helm. The Shipp rocked and bounced through the night over the rough seas. In the morning the Black Blood Seemed wind up in California waters no wind in sight only a rocky Island and a densely lined forest Island. Only the rocky Island was made of bone by the 3 sirens who resided their.Can he convince them to help and help him in his conquests. or do his story stop their?

    Captain Male last name blood @Ali
    First Mate Male Taken Happily
    Crow nest Male Rose
    Cook Female open
    Crew ( Mix of male and females)
    -Taken wicked Male
    -Taken Happily Female
    - open male
    - openFemale
    - open male

    3 sirens
    - Taken wicked
    - Happily
    - Rose

    Finding Neverland (open)
    Finding Neverland
    (Loosely based on the movie)
    It is about a play write who gets his idea for neverland. Yet what happens when neverland becomes real. will they get home or are they stuck for ever?
    Cast to come

    Locked in for the night (open)
    What will happen when. small group of college students gets locked into a museum for a night. It is no ordinary museum, it is the museum of mysterys and killers. In the museum something brings it all to life and they must fend for their lives till the sun rises will they make it out or not? Will make 2 characters one to live, one to not maybe.

    Watch "Cher - Welcome To Burlesque (Official Music Video)" on YouTube

    So if you seen the movie I want to do something like this will need men and woman. Basically performances and the stuff on and off stages.
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  2. crows nest male for rougher seas
    mermaid power is weather manipulation
    lead trainer for the otters as well as a mermaid for the cove
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  3. want any of the spots I reserved you babes
  4. and the siren for rougher seas that is the only one I see that you have reserved for me. I am thinking about doing the lead diver female for Asian Small-Clawed Otters Water Monitor Sharks Sea Turtles Penguins and making her have a dual job being a mermaid and the lead female diver.
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  5. I saved you one for mermaid in marine I thought
  6. yeah i put her on the same line as the lead trainer for the otters.
    I am going to have her do a dual job of being a mermaid and being the lead diver the asian otters water moniters sharks sea turtles and penguins.
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  7. The first three are water-themed. I happen to take interest in water themes too.

    Zoos are nice, really nice, but not as nice as the other two water-themed ideas you have proposed.
  8. their is no zoo idea
  9. Marine Cove. Animals. Zoo.

    Yeah I guess not many calls bird parks or aquariums zoos due to their specificity.
  10. The marine cove is more of an aquarium place like Seaworld.
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  11. divers can't really take care of the Landish animals
  12. Thanks for tagging me, deary. I'll have to decline, though, as my plate is currently full. ^^
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  13. I like the Marine Cove/Sea World-ish one. Sounds like it would be a nice calm and simple one.
  14. @~Dark.Disney.Triplet~

    Thanks for the tag, I'll look through everything when I get home. My joining depends on how many people join, and how many characters there are. I can't do big groups anymore.

    Also, what was your user name before you changed because I have no idea who you are. XD
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  15. s
    Scorpio Queen or wicked witch
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  16. what role you want
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