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  1. Hello there. These are a few ideas I managed to come up with. These could be MxM, FxF, or MxF but I prefer MxM or FxF. I find that more interesting than straight pairings. I am more than willing to do the same plot with multiple people.

    Please note: This thread will be updated with more ideas from time to time. If you are interested, you may send a PM or respond here.

    Second note: I will only do MxF if you convince me and I get to be the female. Sorry to those strictly MxF, but there's no complications with that pairing except overused love triangles. No one is against a boy and a girl getting together.

    In a Lonely Place

    (Genre: Modern Fantasy)

    Deep within the forest very far away from modern civilization lies a world like no other. Darkness overwhelms the once evergreen trees, the natural color of roses are a sickly shade of black and the cold weather is consistent. The very environment of this sacred realm screams "death". Legends have spread about this very place, but no man has ever managed to prove its existence. Those who tried have failed, or never returned. Character A is a young journalist/photographer/whatever who vows they would obtain the photographs of the legendary realm, no matter the cost. This, of course, received laughter from their colleagues. No one believed they would be able to do it, absolutely no one. Not one has made it to the realm, and those who have have never returned. Set to prove them wrong, Character A sets out for this realm, packed with gear and suitable clothing for whatever climate changes the forest had in store. That is, all except the strongest climate change.

    Character B is one of the few inhabitants of the sacred realm (they can be human or whatever species (except furries) you can think of. i.e. Demons, Angels, Nekos, etc.). They are one of the people (or whatever) that try to convince the reporters or whoever to not expose this grimly yet beautiful realm to civilization, the others are the ones who remove the evidence or the person. Since the other people who had found the realm were absolutely not cooperative with the inhabitants and did not want to dispose of the evidence, they were murdered. This secret world was ancient; it housed the spirits trapped in limbo (including those who were murdered there). Character B knew very well that if the humans received proof of the realm, then it would become the next tourist attraction. The spirits would no longer live in peace while the realm would fall apart.

    During their travels, Character A had fallen ill due to the weather conditions of the forest. It would only grow colder and colder as they moved deeper and deeper into the forest. Character A eventually falls unconscious and lies at the mercy of mother nature. However, it didn't take long before Character B noticed the other, and decides to take them to the sacred realm. This is where Character A will gradually uncover more and more secrets underneath the darkness.

    Freak show

    (Genre: Modern (Fantasyish?))

    Character A is a sideshow freak in a famous traveling circus (If you play Character A, their reason there will be up to you). The life they live is far less glamorous than one may believe it to be. Sure they receive fame, but for all the wrong reasons. They are recognized for what they hate about themselves. They are treated poorly and put in the spotlight to be laughed at. Why would anyone voluntarily come up to be mocked for something they had no choice in? They didn't, it wasn't their choice. They can not live a normal life because of their condition/deformity, the circus was really all they could do.

    Character B decides to one day go to the circus with their friends to see what everyone was talking about. They had heard about the sideshow freaks, but had been wanting to see them in person. During Character A's performance, Character B could see through their fake smile. They realize that Character B obviously didn't want to be there, but what other choice did they have? Before the circus takes off, Character B decides to free Character A from their shackles and try to help them get away from it all.

    The Black Mark

    (Genre: Fantasy)

    For centuries, the gods and goddesses have been marking people all over with a mark just the same as only one other person, regardless of gender. Though some appear the same, all markings are unique in their own way. They are placed on the same spot as the other person, because the two were destined for one another. However, finding the other person with the exact same mark is nearly impossible due to the population. Because of the slim possibilities of finding their perfect match, the people just went ahead with their business. Very few were lucky enough to find their destined other, while many many others went about life and courted those the gods didn't pick out for them.

    Character A and B are the rulers of two highly different realms (Life and Death, Blessed and the Damned, whichever opposites). They cannot stand each other for obvious reasons and their kingdoms have been at war for a long while. When their armies are wearing thin, they decide it would be best to attack each other head on, ruler against ruler. During their battle, however, they come to discover of the exact same mark implanted on the other. Because of that, they both brush themselves off and leave without a word, leaving everyone confused. The two are both in obvious denial of what they had seen, but how could they deny the very Gods' choice for them?
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  2. OOO! The black mark sounds fun!
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  3. I'll send you a PM and we can discuss things further. :3

    Thank you for your interest by the way~
  4. I'm interested in the Freak Show :D
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  5. PM coming your way, thank you for your interest~
  6. You seem like an interesting person to RP with! Got anymore Ideas?
  7. I have these and some old ones from my last Partner Request thread. More ideas will come when my brain wants them to~
  8. For those bearing with me or just passing through~

    (Genre: Modern Fantasy)

    MxM (I don't know why but I am just really into the biblical stuff right now.)

    **Includes MPreg; if interested, PM or respond here.**

    Character A's mother has been having many serious complications throughout her pregnancy. She was bleeding, suffering contractions too early into the pregnancy and suffering from what could be the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy (when the baby is growing outside of the uterus). Her husband had always been a religious man, but God had never answered his prayers. Every night he prayed for her wellness, but with each passing day the poor woman got worse and worse. Both his child's and his wife's health were declining.

    As the time of birth came dangerously close, Character A's mother lied in the hospital bed deathly ill. The doctors were certain that this birth would be high risk due to all of the complications the mother has endured. Her body was significantly weakened, which created the high possibility of her death during the birth. Maybe even the baby's. With God not answering his prayers, the father turns to the one man he never dreamed of asking for help. Satan (or Character B, but changes will occur to him. Satan doesn't even have to be his name). He summons the devil himself, only to discover that the bible was incorrect when it came to a few things about him. Since he didn't care at the time, the father didn't bother asking questions. He pleaded for the King's help in saving his wife and child; however, the King wanted something in return. The mother's or child's soul.

    The man was obviously against this, but he was running out of time. He pleaded for the King's mercy, begging that he ask for something else. The King instead proposed that if he saved the lives of his wife and child, and allow the birth to run smoothly, the father would have to willingly give up his child when they came to a certain age. Hell was running low on demons and human souls were beginning to flourish, demons did not come out of thin air after all. Completely desperate, the father agreed to these terms and signed his child's soul to the devil. The story begins on Character A's birthday, he and the mother had lived without knowing about this deal until the day it was time to fulfill the contract.
  9. I am definitely interested in your top three ideas. I really like the first one with the dark forest and the last one with the mark. FxF works for me!
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  10. I shall send you a PM to discuss things further, thank you so much for your interest~ ^-^
  11. I'm interested in your last idea, could you PM me so that we may go over the details, please? :)
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  12. Yay, new ideas~ All are titleless because I'm lazy.


    ((Genre: Fantasy, I guess. Can be Modern Fantasy.))

    This one is more like MxM but can be rearranged. Includes MPreg because I'm fucking weird, but that can be rearranged as well.

    The Deyanira Clan and the Desdemona Clan are the two superpowers of the vampire (I'm talking bloodlust creatures, not silly Twilight or Warm Bodies stuff *Shudders in disgust*) race. They are the two that built the species from the ground up, having stayed away from humans because they proved centuries ago that their kind was not welcomed. To prevent an act of war between them and the humans, they have separated from society and became their own civilizations. Both have been allies for the many years they stood, providing each other all the resources needed and assisting one another in their problems with lesser clans. The two clans are not only well known for their position of power, but for their selective breeding. The future generation all hold marvelous talent in unique skills, be it tracking or being able to tell the blood apart just by scent (not limited to these options, all I ask is no overpowering your character).

    Before their 333rd year of peace, an act of betrayal is committed which causes a threat of war between the two superpowers. Both sides were bold, so the war commenced. It lasted for another century, causing a massive loss in population in both superpowers. While encouraging anyone and everyone to breed, the representatives try to rebuild all that was damaged. Despite nearly going extinct, their ideas of selective breeding had not died. There were still two individuals who possessed greatly unique skills that should breed together. Their anatomies had adapted over the years of drastically losing the population. Now, both men and women could bear children as their specie's desperation to repopulate. Who were these two individuals? Character A, of the Deyanira Clan, and Character B, of the Desdemona Clan. But what was the problem? They don't like each other, at all. Be it past events when they were children or a quarrel between their families, they downright despise each other. However, they both possess a very rare and unique skill that had not been common even when the vampires were thriving. The representatives summon and inform them of their proposition of selective breeding, which was instantly denied by both parties. Now, both representatives threaten to send them to hefty punishment for defiance of authority if they don't do it. All the while they are vulnerable to attacks from the other lesser clans.

    **Hint hint; this may include very angry sex (or simultaneously raping each other) if they do not build a relationship before they breed**

    Idea 2:

    (Genre: Fantasy, May be Modern Fantasy.)

    For many years, eight mighty demons have been watching from the underground realm for their perfect vessels. Their vessels, however, were selected at different times. One may be from the 15th century, or one may be from the 2 centuries later, but it is all the same. Those who are selected cannot die from natural causes, nor do they grow old. The individuals chosen are forced to hold the demon within them and cause havoc to the world for them. They can speak to the demon within their thoughts, their demon may take over for a limited amount of time, but until their body is no longer functioning they are cursed to do their inner demon's bidding.

    As the years progress, the demons begin to grow stronger and stronger. Their powers become too great on their own without their rituals to perform. Not doing the rituals caused explosive decompression to their vessels, since their bodies are not stable enough to handle such power. All demons do not like the ritual, because it combines their power and causes severe attraction to the other during it. The sudden attraction does linger within the vessels as well, making them heavily attracted to the other for a few hours. Against their will though necessary, the demons decide to pair up, select individuals from the same period, and keep their partner in close distance within their vessel. This is where Character A and B come in. They're average people that were just minding their own business when they felt themselves fill with a new sort of overwhelming sinful power. The churches and priests had become aware that strong demons were taking over humans. They will perform any exorcising at all costs to try and protect the vessels and destroy their inner demons within. Destroying the demons will result in killing the vessel as well, but the people of the church do not believe that.

    **This idea was a little half assed, I know, but it can be fixed. You may select a demon from the seven deadly sins or make one up of your own, hence the eighth one**
  13. I've fallen in love with your freak show idea <3
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  14. I shall send you a PM and we can discuss things further. Thank you very much for your interest~
  15. New Idea

    **May be MxM, MxF, or FxF (though MxM or FxF is strongly preferred); MPreg can be included if MxM but doesn't have to**

    Character A is a lone orphan who's parents abandoned them at birth. They were never selected for adoption by potential foster parents, no matter how much they hoped to be taken care of by a couple who will love them for who they are. Their education went by smoothly. Plenty of friends, average student, but they were never truly loved. Those they had dated believed the orphan to be much too clingy or the partner themselves could not offer the love and protection they thought the orphan deserved. Though they were hopeful, the relationships never made it all the way to what the orphan desired all their life.

    One day, Character A had been arranged to go on a blind date with a friend of their friend. After being stood up, Character A begins to believe that their chance of a romantic relationship is dead. Their dreams of having someone of their own to love was just dead. As they walk home, they decide to take a different, longer route to not face their fellow orphans so soon. As they trudged further and further into the forest, they come across a large fountain with a statue of what appeared to be a King. This fountain had been a gift from a mystic race known as the Albina (a legendary, mysterious race of Albino elven people) centuries ago that stood worn out and forgotten after the humans had modernized. Character A flips a coin into the still running, pristine water. They make a wish for someone to love, who will love them in return.

    Character B is the most respected General of the Albina military. The King of a kingdom located within a different world than the humans is on his death bed. He and his Queen were unable to produce any heirs, so he declares Character B as heir to his throne. However, the King's dying wish to the General was for him to find someone to be their spouse and prevent an upcoming war against the Noresans. Once they find a spouse, the General will be officially made ruler to the kingdom and everything will be in their hands. The General does not trust that they will find a suitable mate within the Albina kingdom. The General, too, wanted someone they'd be able to tolerate and trust instead of just someone to indulge themselves in royalty. So, the best place they believed would be the human realm, where the Albina had not stepped foot in a millennium. The General arises from the fountain's waters soon after they make their wish, scaring the shit out of the orphan. To Character A, this is their wish come true straight from the fountain. To Character B, this is a hopeless romantic who had made a wish upon the Albina fountain. The General's first thought was to let Character A down gently, but instead decide to give them a chance instead.

    -All I have to say for this one is that I do not intend for them to fall in love quickly-
  16. Titleless Plot

    Character A is a high powered corporate person who is willing to do anything it takes to keep their company thriving. They've had to lie, manipulate, and quite a few other things that they're not proud of to get to their position of power. Character B is a renowned private investigator hired by Character A's rival company to take photos of them and find any way possible to completely ruin them. Character A figures out about the investigator and decides to have a little "word" with them. After the "talk", Character A captures photos of Character B in very sexual and even more humiliating positions that will destroy the investigator's high reputation. With these pictures being threatened to be made public, Character B is under Character A's command, no matter how devious or humiliating the demand is. In return for each completed demand was one picture. Character A's first intentions was to use Character B until they've ruined them mentally; Character B wanted to do anything just to get those pictures back and save their reputation.

    (They could develop feelings for each other over time. Alterations to it can be made.)
  17. Yet another titleless plot

    Experiment #38201924 (or Character A) has been stowed away from society as the government's "secret weapon", hoping to be the solution of future wars and takeovers. Secret agents and scientists have performed countless experiments on them ever since their parents reluctantly donated them for government use. They are rumored that they control at least 13% of their brain, harboring abilities beyond man's comprehension (if you play Character A, whether their abilities are physical or mental is up to you). Character A had grown bitter, hating everyone and everything until Character B came along. Character B is the scientist who has treated Character A as normal as they could treat them. They often give them extra food and water, talk about their life and spouse, etc. However, all of that was out of pity. Character A, despite his intelligence, confuses these new gestures as flirtatious and affectionate, making them fall for Character B. Character B, unbeknownst to Character A's feelings, had told them about a new business opportunity they had received that will require them to leave the country for a very long time. Character A isn't going to let Character B leave them. They would do anything for the scientist; married or not, whether they like it or not.

    (This is more like a Yandere Experiment x Scientist kind of thingy to sum it up.)
  18. i actually love many of your ideas here would love to do one with you
  19. *Happy dance* Okay! I'll send you a message and you can tell me which ones you liked the most.
  20. Titleless Plot

    ((MxM Plot; Can be FxF or MxF but you'd have to convince me for MxF :3))

    It all began when Character A was young. Character A was a remarkable young boy/man (if you play him, the age it all started will be up to you). He was always the sweetest boy around. He enjoyed everything a young boy would enjoy; the perfect son one would think. However, no one would ever suspect he was the one to brutally murder his older bitch sister in his teen years. He was such an angel, he couldn't possibly be the one to do such a horrendous thing, right? The truth was he had cleaned up all of his DNA from the murder scene and convinced the police to believe a different story. That it was a man in a Devil mask who had killed his sister. Character A had been upstairs when it happened and managed to escape the house with his baby brother before calling police. The case soon went cold due to lack of evidence and he was never caught.

    Character B had met Character A when they were in middle school and could feel something off about his kind nature. He didn't seem too upset that his sister had been viciously murdered, nor did he at all appear traumatized. It was weird, but he didn't think too much of it and remained friends with him. Character B had moved away during high school and lost all communication with his friend, resulting in them gradually forgetting each other. One day, the two meet again, but they do not recognize each other at first. Character A's murder spree still continues and he discovers Character B had become a cop and was investigating further into the murders. It wouldn't be long before Character A is discovered and put behind bars because of his friend. Though Character A had been a perfect son, he didn't have a perfect social life. He often only made friends who had wanted to leech off of his popularity. Character B had been his only real friend, but he'd have to murder him to keep him from uncovering all of his secrets. Why is the thought of murdering his once friend so much more difficult than murdering his blood sister and all of his other victims?

    ((PsychopathxCop plot. Yay~ If you play Character A, whether or not he is taking care of the baby brother now will be up to you.))
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