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  1. Hi everyone! I have a few RP ideas I'm looking for partners for. I love slice of life/modern family drama stuff! I don't do romance often, as I'm very picky in terms of plot so please don't ask me about it. I'm not much good at making characters up on the spot, so I tend to reuse certain characters for certain plots while shifting who the main focus is around. I do have my favorite characters, I'd be lying if I said I didn't. This is a sample of my writing. Please be able to match it.

    -Please don't join the RP, and then drop it right in the middle. It bugs me when people only post once, or post a few times and then just leave.
    -Please be advanced or at least adept. At least four paragraphs per post with good spelling and grammar, and please be detailed. I can make exceptions at times. This is a big thing for me. I get annoyed when people can't do this. I don't mind a few screw ups, but if you 'typ LIek diss' and don't use decent capitalization and punctuation I'll most likely drop the thread. If you can't think of what to reply with, PM me and I can add a bit more.
    -Be active PLEASE. I'm online most every day. I haven't Rped on a while due to real life issues, and I understand you might need to drop. If you do please PM me first. I've RPed with people who have completely just disappeared.

    Idea 1 (A Little Family Reunion)
    My character is a 19 year old male assigned genderfluid person. His mother died giving birth to him and his father ran off upon finding out his mother was pregnant with him, which resulted in him being raised by his maternal grandmother. He began to take a great interest in drag around the time he was just starting to come to terms with his genderfluidity, and now performs as a drag queen in various bars around the city.You would play my characters father and his children from a different relationship, none of whom my character has ever met. They've run out of money and my characters grandmother is allowing them to come stay with them because she knows my characters mother would have wanted it, and drama ensues. I was thinking that there could be three kids, two around my character's age (16-18.) and one younger (I have other characters that'll come in at various points, so you won't be doing all the work). I was thinking that one of the older kids would really like my character and think he's interesting and the other really doesn't like him for various reasons and is embarrassed to be around him. The dad is kind of confused about my characters doing drag and kind of tries to get him to stop seeing his friends and pushes him toward other activities so he'll stop, and the younger kid's feelings are up to you. I don't really have a plot aside from that, we can make one up as we go.

    Idea 2 (Unsent Letters)
    My main character is a transgender woman. She was kicked out of her house at eighteen after coming out to her parents, and was a prostitute for several years as a means of supporting herself. Most of her clients were men, but there was the occasional woman. Your character would be a girl of around 12 or 13 who was a result of one of my character's one night stands with one of her female clients at age 18. My character is–biologically–her father. Her biological mother gave her up for adoption when she was born, and my character couldn't care for her, so she gave her up. Your character was adopted when she was two and my character hasn't seen her since. Your character had no idea she was adopted. Something happened to her adoptive parents--who maybe didn't treat her very well, and she was sent to live with my character and her girlfriend (who I will also play) as a result. They get along well, until your character goes exploring and finds a box of letters addressed to her in my character's closet that expose the truth, and of course your character is suddenly filled with questions.

    Idea 3
    My character is a transgender woman. Your characters are her twin cousins (age 11-13). They were very close to my character when they were younger, as she often spent time with them and cared for them when it was needed. My character was kicked out of her parent's house when she was 18 and the twins were 7, and along with her parents, most of her extended family cut her off, including your character's parents. Their parents never really explained why (so they don't know that my character is trans), just told them they weren't allowed to see Alex anymore, and all they really knew was that he was staying in a motel somewhere. They never forgot about their cousin though and always longed to see him again. Their parents eventually died (exactly how is up to you) and the twins ran off together in fear of being separated and also to search for their cousin. They eventually find the motel my character and her girlfriend are living in and end up staying with them. I was thinking that they would both be a bit confused about her gender too, and one of them maybe a bit angry that she didn't stay in touch.

    Idea 4 (What Happened to Best Friends Forever?)
    My characters and your character were close friends, your character is a woman several years older than mine. My characters (who yours knew as twin brothers) were never particularly close to their parents, and latched onto yours when they were young as a sort of older sister/motherly figure. They were friends up until your character moved away when she was around eighteen. My characters haven't spoken to or seen her since, and they know nothing that's happened to the others since their last meeting. Your character got married and had a few kids (I was thinking three, the oldest could be maybe twelve). Her husband recently died, and she started searching for her old friends. She eventually found them and invited them to come live with her. She missed them and needed help around the house and raising her kids. She's only spoken to one of them, and has no idea about the other of my characters being transgender (she hasn't seen her since she was still Alexander) and cut my male character off when he tried to tell her about it. Your character is kind of confused by it, and slips up with names and pronouns a lot. How her kids react to it is up to you. That's all I really have so far, I'm open to suggestions though!

    Idea 5 (Secrets)
    My character is a 17 year old boy. He is gay, and has been performing as a drag queen in bars for just over a year. He grew up raised by his father, with whom he had very little in common. He never told his father he was gay, and kept his drag a secret for fear of his father's reaction. He has recently lost his father. Your character would be his mother's best friend (his mother died when he was 8 years old), and maybe she would have one or two kids around his age too, it doesn't matter. She hasn't seen him or had any contact with him since his mother died almost ten years before. She recently moved into his neighborhood and upon moving in found out that my character's father has died. Knowing that my character has no family left, she starts searching for him. She eventually accidentally runs into him after one of his drag shows and offers him a place to sleep. He accepts it, only intending to stay one day. Your character is struggling to try and build a relationship with him and wants to help him because he's the only thing she has left of her best friend, but he's trying to keep most of himself a secret from her because he's afraid that she'll react the way his father would and it causes a lot of drama between the two of them. She follows him to one of his drag shows at some point, and that's all I have so far.

    Idea 6 (Wife Swap)
    Wife Swap RP. My family aren't really that strict, and are all just fun loving people and your characters are the exact opposite and disapprove of everything about mine. (really religious, don't allow their kids much freedom, have a problem with tattoos and piercings, etc.) Based off the show.

    Idea 7 (Living a lie)
    You would play my character's two older cousins. They were close as children, but fell out of touch when my characters (who they knew as twin boys) turned 18, when they were told that the twins had moved away. Recently they came back in contact with my characters, and invited them to come stay with them, an offer which was accepted. They have no idea one of my characters is trans, and the real reason they lost contact with both twins was because their parents kicked her out. She didn't tell her cousins she was transgender because she was afraid of the way that they might react (I was thinking one cousin would be fine with it and the other a lot more shut off) so she does her best to cover up her feminine features and live as a man while with her cousins. The more closed minded cousin gets a feeling something's up and eventually confronts my character after her first few days of staying with them about the rift her behavior is causing in their relationship after catching her dressing in women's clothes privately and she comes out to them. She reacts quite poorly and her sibling is more rational about it, trying to help my character deal with the other cousin's rejection while at the sake time trying to change her mind. Feel free to suggest anymore ideas you might have.
  2. Still looking!
  3. Still looking.
  4. All these ideas seem really intriguing! I really do like them all, but I can't pick one :(

    I am really interested in the usage of trans* characters in RPs :D
  5. Would you like to do the Unsent Letters RP, or the third one? I'm dying to do them. Whichever is fine with me. I'll send my character bio after you pick.
  6. Hello there. Your ideas are amazing. I would be happy doing any of them, but my favorites are A Little Family Reunion and Unsent Letters.
  7. I'll do Unsent letters with you! I'll send you my character bios and you can send one back.
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  8. Nudging this for anyone else up for any of these.
  9. Anyone else?
  10. Which of these are you most wanting to do at the moment?
  11. The third one probably. Or Unsent letters.
  12. I'm up for doing the third one with you.
  13. Okay! I'll send my character bios and you can send some back to me.
  14. Alright. Sounds good.
  15. Bumping again. Still looking. All my partners seem to have disappeared.
  16. Beep boop someone come RP with me.
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