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  1. So I've been having lots of RP ideas, and with winter break coming quickly it's no surprise! After all, I'll have plenty of time to RP them then! Anyway, these are ideas that are open to change so if you have any extra ideas, let me know~ Also, each RP with a heart next to it is open to romance and each with an M is open to mature options. Oh, And I'd like to play the female unless otherwise suggested 83


    1) A young woman from a farm village is discovered to have a gift in magic, something that usually people out in the country fear. However, as magic is, she is soon discovered by the government of the kingdom and informed that she has a choice...Become a registered witch and learn magic...or being put into jail for resisting the law. Seeing little choice, she goes to the capital to learn magic, making friends, enemies and meeting people that she never thought existed. :heart:

    2) (based loosely around Over Lord, the video game.)When you think of a dark over lord you usually don't think of a petite looking woman now do you? Well she didn't either and look where she was now, inheriting the throne to the darkest empire ever. With nothing but blood lust, domination and war in the past, the people expect little change from the last generations of rulers. It's time for change though in her eyes, with enough land to mark this kingdom as an empire, it was time for the ruling class to return the sacrifice of the lives of their people with some improvements. It's hardly easy though when the council is pushing to take more land, the people are weary of her ideas and one neighboring kingdom after another is either posing a threat or pressuring her into thinking of taking one of their princes in a form of treaty. But, what else is a girl to do when you become the overlord...or over lady. :heart: M (TAKEN)


    1) The last thing she expected what this, to be shoved into this skin tight dress and heels and covered in makeup before being shoved in front of a camera. She was an intern, not a model! For her new boss, the most flamboyant photographer in the city, to just pick up a random set intern for his newest set of pictures was both shocking and mind boggling. The worst part of all, was at any moment, the one who planned to by these pictures would be here any minute and if they didn't like them...She'd get the boot! :heart: M

    2) Working sixty hours a week as a waitress was hardly anything to be proud of, especially when she was also a failed writer as well. She would keep trying though, for a long as it takes she would keep working and writing until she got it right and got herself published. However, with another publisher meeting around the corner, the pressure is on and she is more nervous than even because this publishing company had the harshest editor in the whole city...and she wasn't sure she could take that kind of hit... :heart:

    3) Coming home for you sister's wedding is something that should be a joyous occasion!...Not a nightmare. Even though she would be meeting her sister's husband to be for the first time, it seemed that things would hardly be a gentle walk down the aisle. She was the maid of honor...and her ex from the last time she lived in this town was the best man! Though the ended on not so good terms she was willing to play nice...just as long as he kept his hands off her ass! :heart:

    Anyway, these are my ideas, but if you have your own, share them! I am willing to listen!
  2. Interested in modern of option 1.
  3. That fantasy option 1, magic story would be neat. I'm up for it. ; )
  4. o.o That first fantasy RP seems like it would be interesting as heck.
  5. All of them sound about fair :) Would be glad to edit some of the plot

    ex: combine modern 1 & 3 where the guy who photographs or basically owns the company now is in charge and she has to please him in order to stay in the business. Thinkin' love hate sort of idea.

    Anyways feel free to leave a message if you would like ;)