RP Ideas for a Possible 1x1 Partner.~

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  1. If you're wondering, I've filled out my Roleplay Resume, as well as the mature Resume. So if you'd like to, you should look at those. ^^

    So while I am open to suggestions for RP's, making oc's for original plots and things, these are a few ideas that I would be Intrested in at the moment:

    -Itasaku, or Sasosaku, if that's right. And possibly itasasu. I'd be Sakura, and then I could be eithe Itachi or Sasuke for that, doesn't matter.
    - a Beyond Birthdayx Misa RP? he's not an actual DN character, no, but I adore the pairing.<333 I'd be Misa.
    -I'd like to have a try at a CielxSebastian RP in the future, where I would be Ciel
    -Stein and Maka RP, or Death and Maka. Of course, as mentioned previously, I'd have to read up on it again, as I haven't had much to do with SE in terms of reading/watching in a while. And I would prefer being Maka for that.

    I know most of those are straight pairings, but that's my interests atm. And I'm always open to any new plot idea with anime characters, like, crossover thing or just making oc's. You can post on this thread to reply, yeah, but I'm still new to the whole forum thing, and when Roleplaying, I really do prefer it between private messages, but I'm trying to adjust myself to get used to it, so. Let me know if you are interested, please. ^^ Thank you.
  2. I'm interested in the Itasaku perhaps, but I'm not very good at being sakura.

    I'm more of a Kisame chick lol. I know, that's wierd, but fishy needs luv too. And Tobi. Or Sasori <3 All for different reasons. OOh now I want an rp with one of them. K baii!
  3. XD Yes, Kisame is amazing. But please, if you are interested, do PM me. ^^
  4. Hey there, kinda new to the site so I can't send you a PM just yet, but I'm definitely interested in a Itasaku, Ciel/Sebastian or a Soul/Maka RP. I'm a big fan of all three series so if you would like to do any RPing, let me know and we can work something out :)