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I only have two this time. Sadly they don't come by often. LOL

I was interested in starting another Mecha anime....

A mecha starts to glitch and falls to what appears to be Earth during a battle. But the character finds out slowly that it isn't Earth, but another dimension. It turns out they're having another galactic war on a bigger scale than Earth was. And this character has switched places with their best fighter. The character tries to find their way back, but doesn't want to leave after meeting and falling for the original fighter's lover.

(If this is too complicated, let me know and I'll actually try to explain it better)

For the second one...

A demon is ordered to kill a person after being summoned from his grave. It turns out he kills the wrong person and it's a little girl's head he needs to bring back. The demon eventually finds the girl and grows to care about her. But the longer he's out of his grave the weaker he becomes. If he doesn't kill the girl another demon will eventually sent in his place. So he decides to protect her as long as he can.

(Idc what kind of relationship develops between the demon and the human. It can be friendship, or even more than that.)

PM me if you're interested.
Here you go tempting me with Ideas...! Dx

Your demon one sounds really intresting...>.<
Really? Yay! x3 Alright, thanks~

PM me if there is anything else you need me to know. ^.^
I'll post up the thread sometime tomorrow