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  1. Alright everyone, so I'm Wildpelt. I mainly hang around between this forum and the mature [T], and lately I've had many rps dropepd out of and I need a new rp idea.

    I'm really into slave x master rps, but only if I can either play the slave or be a male master. I also don't mind doing a demon rp, as long as there is some sort of angel involved. Anything else is totally up to you.

    If you come up with a plot with nekos in them I will love you forever.

    So this is poorly written but does anyone have any ideas for an rp with me?
  2. Oh, my gawd I like TOTES have an RP for you! Or at least an idea, but I am partial to this particular idea and I kind of don't want to see it goooo~

    The way everything starts depends on wether you prefer fantasy or Scifi. The story is ORIGINALLY Scifi, but, hey, it can bend.

    Anyways, this is kind of set in the future, but not too far, where genetics/wizardry has advanced to the stage where it is possible to create life based solely on the whims of the richest people's desires. These creatures can take any humanoid shape, and come in practically any color, texture, or even size - for a price.

    These "Beasts" basically come in three different categories: Fighter (Think cockfights, or underground battle arenas), Servant (Which are pretty much butlers), and S.I., Special Interest (Your average display pet. Or coughbreedingstockcough )

    First generation beasts are the most exotic, and the most expensive. Most people just buy second generation or lower. All of which can still be customized to fit the buyers taste.

    Rigoletto is my character that came from this idea. He's a first generation fighter. Who wins. With his brains. If you'd be willing to tell me how to post internet pictures, I could grab you some original arts >:I
  3. Hmm...you've caught my attention!
  4. Sweet. And now I have to leave you hanging :( I'll be back in, like, an hour and a half. Go ahead and PM me if you've got any questions. Or if you have a CS. Or you know how to post photos.
  5. I'd actually like some more detail for the plot if you wouldn't mind.
  6. Of course. Uhm... What about the plot? That pretty much depends on what you want to do.
  7. I'm not sure actually.
  8. Ah, so that is the question!

    Well, do we want the plot to revolve around the character, and make them first?
  9. Perhaps. Explain an IC a bit more please.
  10. Ok, I sent you a PM :)
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  11. ACK! Sorry SI!
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