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War of rock and wind

They float high above the dead landscape looking down on us. To them we are nothing. Up there in their cities they don't see what they're doing to our lives, our homes. We are simply in the way. But every inch they take from us they pay for in blood, they think us nothing but they fail to see the knife at their throats. They think us helpless and primitive but we still stand and spit in their arrogant faces. In the end their cities will fall the the earth and their war-machines will rust in the winds.

Why do they continue to resist? They think their underground cities unassailable but they are yet to learn the fist thing about tactics. They are nothing more than rabble and will eventually be crushed into submission. Perhaps then they shall see the benefits of civilization. Too long have they sat on our resources and deserve nothing more than out boot heels on their necks and for the last thing they see to be the flash of our guns. But he are merciful and repeatedly ask them to join in the light of civilized life, and their refusal is their own fault.

One side lives underground and are the survivors of a disaster that stripped the surface of all life. The other survived by building floating cities high in the troposphere. Now the rock (those underground) are a loose collection of city states while the wind (those in the floating cities) are under a unified military government and are invading the surface for resources and have most of the tech from before the fall but are few in number. The war is in stalemate with no progress in the last three years, each time the wind attacks they are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of their enemies while lack of heavy vehicles or any air power prevent the rock from breaching their enemies lines. And both sides are searching for an artifact powerful enough to end the war.

This is for interest check/suggestions

Nothing have been ruled out as yet, the artifact night be a nuke or even something magical. or the other forum it was located in an underwater new york so anything goes.
I think it's pretty unique and interesting so far.

What time period is it going to be set in, you think ?
Post Apoc. I can't help but think of the world portrayed in Battle Angel Alita.
You know, I wonder what this reminds me of-
*beaten to the punch*

But you could certainly go in a completely different direction. Time period idea?
Technology for those underground is modern or near modern. Mainly they use whatever they can find in way of weapons have an industry capable of creating most modern and some near future technology.

Those in the floating cities have advanced a little, especially when it comes to aircraft. Their technology is better in every way any they enjoy almost complete air superiority though their few numbers and the the expertise their enemy in defense construction prevent them from fully utilizing this.
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