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  1. Here is basically my rp idea:

    The female character lives in a small town, where everyone knows everyone sort of deal, most of the people that live there are rich or very high status in the middle class. Near the outskirts are the people who own farms. But way on the outskirts on top of a large hill, called Desolate Hill, is a mansion that looks like no one has lived in for hundreds of years. The female character is one who is obsessed with the occult, like for example vampires, werewolves and witchcraft, and an outcast in school because of the way she dresses. She dresses goth, while the other students wear the "in" clothes. She has only one friend, her best friend, named Jessie, who also goth

    Jessie spots people moving into the mansion and of course calls her best friend, the female character, they are both excited and want to meet the family who moved in. The only family member of the new family that goes to the school is a goth girl named Chassidy. Once she begins to attent the school, rumors begin to fly around the entire school, and town that she and her family of vampires. It's up to the female character and Jessie to debunk these rumors. But the truth is Chassidy is half vampire and the rest of her family are vampires.

    For this Roleplay I will be playing Chassidy and her family. For anyone who wants to join, they'll play the part of the main female. Occasionally I will play one of the minor characters.
  2. Heelllooo! Call me Mayhem! I think this sounds really interesting and I would love to team up with you! Just wondering though, what was the direction you were looking to take this? Curiosity has to be one of my most dominant traits I'm afraid!
  3. What I am aiming for in this rp is that, the main charater eventually does find out that chassidy and her family are vampires. And she and her best friend have to prevent anyone from finding out. And one of her enemies, a jock, plans on trying to expose them, so she and her best friend have to stop him.
  4. O:!! This plot is like the book vampire kisses! lol. I love that book. Although I have noticed some changes to where it's not completely the same as the book.
  5. lol I sorta got the idea from that, that's one of my fav. book series. Yeah I tweaked it a lot. And not all the vampires in this idea are "normal" vampires either.
  6. Oh I love it! Yeah I've read most of all the series and for such a simple plot it seems to lead to something interesting and exciting. As soon as I read your role play idea I knew it was a little like and based off of that series. That's awesome! :3
  7. lol :D I've read the entire series. So if you are up to it would you like to make this idea into an rp then? And I would to have your ideas put into it too. I'm always up for new ideas or twists to add to ideas.
  8. Okay! c: yes I would love to. My favorite book is the coffin club one so maybe later on our characters go to a club like the coffin club or something. lol I was going to ask who was going to play who until I went back up and read your first post xD So I am playing the human female right?
  9. Yes and also her best friend, we'll take turns playing other characters, like the other students and teachers. I'll set up the OC. I have no idea what to call this, so before I can set up the OC I need a title, maybe you can help with that one.
  10. Okay so should I create character profiles for both the girl and her best friend? What pictures do you prefer to use real or anime? Hmm. A name. Maybe New Vampire Attraction? Or something along the lines since Jessie spots people moving in to the mansion. Maybe that can help you be able to think of a name. lol.
  11. lol Yeah you should create character profiles for both, and I don't care what name you give her best friend. And it doesn't matter to me what type of pics you use. I'm not very picky at all. Hmm...I think I shall go with New Vampire Attraction for the name of the rp. Thanks for the help. I will post the OC ASAP.