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  1. Bare with me with this idea.
    It's inspired from a dream I had.
    Do show support if interested.

    This story resides in the Modern Day Era.
    It has Fantasy elements attached to it.
    Not just ordinary people but warriors as well receive a letter one day from their daily routine.
    This letter is an invitation to a masquerade party.
    No one knows the sender but is given the name.
    Those who accept the invitation and goes are transported by their choice of transportation given by the sender himself.
    No one knows the others who attend unless they have met previously.
    No dress code is required.
    It takes place in a mysterious mansion of wonders.
    Upon arrival, it is required the invitation letter is the guests' entry to get inside.
    The letter is printed with a code to be scanned over by an individual during their arrival.

    Inside the mansion, there are waiters and waitresses also new to the unknown mansion.
    Drinks and Food are served by them.
    They serve a vague and an important role as this story play out.
    Each guest is able to wander the halls and rooms of the mansion.
    My character, Lady Red[A sassy red haired ninja who can transform into a phoenix and has powers] takes advantage of this.
    However, one character... whoever joins and decides to this idea had beaten her to the exploring.
    It is discovered that concepts, games and unveiling more about who invited the guests there.
    These things are associated by color.
    Each category is sorted by color.
    There is no dress code because choosing the certain things related to color, changes clothes accordingly to the writer's choice.
    Each color aspect have a purpose.
    The more time the guests reside in the mansion, the more it takes shape and reveals its actual nature.

    Okay. That's the majority of what I could think of based off the dream I have. Is there anyone interested in this idea?
  2. That sounds pretty good. I dont really understand the colour thing, but i find RPs based on dreams are often the best, so i'd be up for it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.