Rp idea for anyone interested

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  1. The book I am currently reading, Beautiful Creatures, gave me this idea. In Beautiful Creatures, there is a boy that is falling in love with a girl that has special powers and they share the same dreams (that are more like nightmares) and the dreams are real. For example, if one of them is having a dream about drowning, they will wake up soaking wet in their bed or if one has a dream about getting stabbed, they wake up with a stab mark. Anyway, the idea I had for my roleplay is based on the book I am reading, expect it is vampire and human, with me being the human (female) and I am looking for a male partner.
  2. Well missy what's your name? I'm Max, Maxwell Finch. I'm new from up north.
  3. Please don't think me rude, only catious when I say I don't give my name or location. But welcome to the forum!
  4. Hence the general direction
  5. I'm afraid I'm going to pass on the general direction as well. Again, for cautionary reasons. Are you interested in the roleplay idea? If you are posting here to introduce yourself, then I suggest you make a post in the New Arrivals and Depatures section.
  6. Forgive me I've already done that, but I'll cut to the chase I'm interested in the role play
  7. Great! I'll PM you with the link to the rp once I get something up, though it may take me a bit, as I am busy with other rps at the moment.
  8. Take your time and don't be afraid to ask for help