RP Idea (Feel free to help me tinker)

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  1. Okay, this is my first so bear with me if I whine and coddle this idea like it's my firstborn child.

    Setting is Upstate NY, wintertime. You can play the guy, you can play the girl. I'll take whichever you don't want.
    They've known each other since grade school, and have been best friends since grade school. The guy has loved her for a long time, but has sat and watched from the sidelines, afraid of hurting his friend.
    But one day something changes. The girl wants to go out on her own, away to another state. She's young, and living is hard where she is. The guy lays all his feelings on the table, and the girl rejects him. Says she's still going.
    Desperate, the guy pretty much kidnaps her. His family has money, so he owns his own house. He takes her there, and has to decide what to do next.
    End idea time.

    Again, I can play either character (although I'd be better at the guy).
    Can't think of anything elsr, so if you have an idea to throw into the mix lemme know, ok?
  2. This sounds like fun! I'm interested.
  3. This sounds like fun! I'd definitely be interested! And then maybe the girl finally admits her feelings or the guy?
  4. Sounds interesting, Would you be open to like a twist of fantasy in there or anything like that?
    If not I am more than happy to play the female :)