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  1. Talk about your personal Rp gripes, pet peeves, annoyances, turn offs etc, minor or major. Anything that breaks an Rp for you even if it is trivial.

    For me, when it comes to nearly any setting, when GM allows players to play as characters that are over 1000 years old. Hell, even over 500.
    Be they elves, vampires or just about anything with free will, people just always seem to pick a random 4 digit number as their age yet often times dont mirror the implication of having lived for so long. Most often they act like people in their 40's at most, worst of all as they were just out of their teens. People also look like they are just out of their teens.
    The absolute worst case is when there isa race that lives for thousanda of years or even just essentially immortal. A whole species that number in the thousands or most likely more that live with beings that barely live a century. People who shouldhave seen nations rise and fall.

    There are exceptions though in my case. When the nigh immortal beimgs are creations of higher power such as angels and demons, beings that essentially dont really have as much free will.

    Either way,point is that no matter how good the setting might be or the plot, when 5+ players are playing 5000 year old creature that possess the feature that would make Narcissus jelly I just cannot get invested.

    What are yours? Do you disagree?
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  2. Mine are:

    Players who always use immortal characters.

    Those who make 1 post a day or less in the game and make 10 posts or more a day in OOC.
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  3. Ditto the first

    Very circumcantial the latter. Such as if they are waiting on someone.
  4. Mine is when someone plays a sheltered character that doesn't know things they SHOULD know, but is totally adept and smart about stuff they SHOULDN'T.

    Example, there was a girl who grew up in a tower and never got to talk to people or go outside. She had a nice home in the tower though and tons and tons of books, and a window. But she didn't know what trees were. TREES. Yet, she knew hand to hand combat and how to fight. >< That was silly.
  5. People who aren't literate RPers are the worst.
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  6. Most people I've met have zero grasp of spatial contextual awareness. That is, they have no comprehension of the passage of time, the relative distance of objects, or their surrounding environment. Like "oh, great bro, you just totally assassinated that guy. In broad daylight. In front of dozens of witnesses. That wasn't stealthy, man."

    Come on. Just imagine yourself in the shoes of someone in the middle of a duel for life and death: You aren't going to have time to tell them about how much your waifu means to you! No matter how touching it might be, if it makes no sense, it makes no sense!
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  7. My two RP gripes are when when someone has their character do something that derails the RP because it is "In character" and then absolves themselves of responsibility by implying that they cannot control what their character does when it "takes over." It is a group RP, a group activity and the fun of all is something well worth considering which these people forget.

    The other being when you see more posts from a player OOC about why they aren't posting, than you see IC posts and this lack of IC posts grinds the RP to a halt. Especially when they do it in a "cutesy manner".
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  8. Hmmm, GMs that don't seem to care. If a player isn't posting, don't just sit there and wait for them. Shoot them a PM and try to keep the ball rolling. Don't just declare a RP dead when there are obviously a handful of people who are still raring to go ;A;! I mean, we made characters and invested time into your idea. So some effort would be really swell.

    I've been in so many awesome RPs that died because the GM just disappeared one day, or refused to move on because this one person didn't post.

    Speaking of people who don't post. It's not that big of a deal, but I find it annoying when people promise posts then don't deliver ^^"

    Lastly, characters that can handle anything and everything single-handedly. A RP is supposed to be a group effort, so when a person brings in a character that is 100x stronger than everyone else, it grinds my gears.
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  9. Feral-like fantasy species that wear armor and use human weaponry.

    While arguments could be made for the use of protective garments and such (and maybe even a spear for scoring kills from a relatively safe distance), I can't take a gargantuan wolf man with a sword and derpy medieval plate armor seriously when nature has graciously equipped him with jaws that can crush bone into powder, claws that can disembowel hapless foes with a mere swing and enough physical power that permits him to run faster than a horse and suplex one with daunting impunity.

    You're a living weapon. Why are you using devices invented by creatures that do not have natural weapons aside from their *fists?

    *I'm not slamming the power of the human fist either; I'm sure that we're all aware of how destructive a boxer's or MMA fighter's punch can be. Just go look at Mike Tyson or Bruce Lee.
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  10. Godmodding and bunnying. I really don't like overt control and powerplay in something that's meant to be fun for everyone. It's like having the school yard bully around going: "I'm not a GM but your char is doing that because my char is awesome!"
    I'm fine with open actions like "X uses mind magic so X can control Y" or "X aims a kick towards Y's stomach" because it's open for Y's owner to respond accordingly. The moment it's: "X takes control of Y using mind magic" or "X hits Y with a devastating kick in the stomach" it's no longer open for Y's owner to have the primary reaction because X's owner decided that Y couldn't resist the magic or dodge the kick.
  11. The word petité

  12. Lack of Rp momentum
  13. There aren't many things that annoy me in RP, but here are a few to list:
    • Very short replies.
    • Poor grammar.
    • Repetitive actions/descriptions.
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  14. I mostly do 1x1 simply because all of my group roleplaying experiences have sucked!

    For example:
    I had a Dark Tower roleplay going on. The roleplay was post-cannon with the world being reborn again and the Gunslingers starting to rebuild their place in it. In the OOC we specifically banned doors, any of Maerlyn's Rainbow, and Blane. We were going along just fine when all of a sudden some idiot decides to make a post not only throwing in Black 13, and Blane, but also had the Pubes and Greys all in one post before having his character disappearing and dropping out of the roleplay. The entire thing was ruined after that, and I wanted to bash my head against the wall that someone could be such an idiotic jerk.

    My other pet peeves sound slightly elitest, but I can't help it!

    When I have a search up, I always tell people I cannot reply to anything less than 3 paragraphs, and my own personal minimum is usually four. We get to planning things, I throw up my first post and they respond with one paragraph that barely gives any detail about their character and is absolutely no help in progressing the story. @_@

    People who give me nothing to work with, that's another one I'm pretty good at turning nothing into something, but if I can't even scrounge up a single sentence for a response, that's saying something.

    People have mentioned when someone sticks to their character too much, but my peeve is those who don't stick to their character at all for no reason. I understand developing a character to change in a certain way, but simply having them wake up one morning and going from being an asshole to the biggest sweetheart is completely unrealistic.
  15. @Nydanna, your two first "elitist" pet peeves are exactly the same issues I'm trying to work on not having in my own roleplaying ^^'' (Though I'm originally a poet som I'm trying to break a 15 year old habit :p)

    In a way short replies can be a sign of inexperience or just not being conscious of it. Ithink some just need to have it pointed out why short and undescriptive replies are bad. So I think it's a reasonable pet peeve because you're more likely to point it out so it can be worked on ^^
  16. I try to give people something to work with though when i cannot i tend to resort to Collab posts in a discission
  17. Players who regurgitate in their post everything else that has happened in other players' posts, but then post little new content that pushes the rp forward. It's redundant writing for the sake of writing and doesn't help the rest of the people in the rp in the slightest. If I've written a post that gives everyone else the opportunity to respond and build from, I don't want to see 4-5+ posts all essentially repeating everything I've written but with different words. Reaction is all well and good, fantastic even, but when there's little proactivity from others to inspire me with, it makes me frustrated because there's only so much one person can do on their own.

    Passive players who are more then content to let everyone else do the heavy lifting within an rp with regards to scene setting and plot developments and something/anything to get the ball rolling in a scene, and do not even offer/ask to help to do so, aggravate me as well.
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  18. when a post doesn't advance the plot
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  19. When people expect every post to be super relevant to the plot. Sometimes, a post is a moment of personal experience and not something meant to pivot the plot forwards.

    Sorry Raz :p.
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  20. See, my problem isn't with people who are inexperienced. The way I see it, people have to start somewhere. My problem isn't even with people who make short posts. My problem is when I work out the details for an rp with someone and I tell them that I am an advanced writer, and they tell me that it's not a problem. I warn people ahead of time that my posts can be intimidating, although usually I tend to reflect my partner. If I have a partner that challenges me, than my writing is great. If I have a partner who just throws up whatever they feel like it, my writing tends to be shit. That's why I'm always extremely picky about partners. What I hate is people who tell me their capable of writing beyond their own level. Usually if they post and I'm staring at the screen like 'Wtf did I just read?' I'll drop it like a bad habit. It might be a bit rude, but I honestly can't help it. If I'm not going to enjoy reading what my partner writes, I don't really see a point in continuing the roleplay.
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