RP for Nuke21 from Spore.

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  1. *Aerthan Soldiers march around their military base as Aerthan Komets fly out into the forest*
  2. *Sector 07 Guards in recon armor slowly get in sniping positions*
  3. Some MHR scouts spot the Komets. One of the scouts pulls out a radio to contact the nearby Sector 07 base. "Some Komets just left the Aerthan base." the scout said, continuing to look around.
  4. The Snipers take their targets and prepare to fire. "Snipers in position, we'll open fire on your mark" the chief sniper says as he picks a target.
  5. Two cloaked predator drones scout the military base.
  6. "Vector 1-6, the base is heavily defended, I suggest a Hell Hammer strike" Says the recon officer with a headset.
  7. "Affirmative, we'll re-target our missile systems" Vector 1-6 replies.
  8. A cloaked figure in heavy armor silently moved past the recon officer.
  9. "Lethal force authorized, open fire now." Vector 1-6 says to all of the soldiers.
  10. The snipers kill 40+ soldiers as rockets are fired at the Komets.
  11. "Defensive positions!" The Aerthan general yells as Aerthan Armor rushes out of the base and bombards the S07 Guards with artillery.
  12. The cloaked figure proceeds into the Aerthan base.
  13. Aerthan Howitzers pelt the ground outside the base with explosives.
  14. Three Fire Hawks arrive in the area and prepare to perform a bombing raid as the guards advance into the base.
  15. The figure searches for the armory.
  16. As the soldiers charge in, a comet crashes into the center of the battlefield.
  17. Both the Aerthan and Sector 07 soldiers cease fire and aim at the comet-like object.
  18. "What was that?" The cloaked figure thought, who climbed on top of a building to get a better look.
  19. The comet cracks, then a humanoid creature in spiked armor climbs out of the comet.
  20. "I don't like this..."he thought.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.