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Courtney was in the kitchen making herself some cupcakes. She recently found out she was pregnant. She chewed on her lip as she iced the cupcakes. Should she tell him? Would he leave her? Of course not. Her boyfriend was the most loving person on the planet and cared about her with all of his heart. But this was so amazing, yet all do sudden. When the cupcakes cooled down she took a bite out of one of them.
James made his way home from work, exhausted but excited to get back to his house and relax for awhile and go to bed after a long shower. He yawned as parked a car and walked into the small apartment where he saw Courtney, his girlfriend eating a cupcake. He raised an eyebrow, wondering what had her stressed, knowing most people only baked when they were stressed or worried. "Hey,"he said greeting her as he picked up a cupcake."How was your day?"
Courtney looks over at him and then finished her cupcake. "Hey. It... It.. It was o-okay" She says and then fixed a smile onto her face, not wanting to seem like she was worried or something was up. She took another cupcake and then ate it.
"What's wrong?"he asked raising an eyebrow as he took a bite of the cupcake and looked at her. He finished up the cupcake and threw the rapper away before taking Courtney by the shoulders and making her look at him. "What are you worried about? I got paid today and everything is going to be okay with money wise so there's nothing to worry about, right?"James asked kissing her softly.
Courtney shook her head. "I-I'm not worried" She says and then smiles. She puts the cupcakes into a container and then sighed. "If I ever found out I was pregnant, would you leave me?" She asks.
James dropped his hands, raising an eyebrow at his girlfriend as she sighed and looked down."What're you talking about? Leave you because you're pregnant? I would never make someone raise a kid on their own. Especially not you. No, I wouldn't leave you... unless the baby wasn't mine, then I might,"he said chuckling. "Why? You don't need to get pregnant for awhile so no need to think about it now.."
"I am pregnant" Courtney says and the began to cry. She quickly moves out of the kitchen and then goes outside, and stood, staring for a bit. She places her hand on her stomach. She looks down as she continued to cry. She then rubs her eyes, and the tears away and then smiles. She was going to have a beautiful baby, which she was going to look after. All that mattered was that she would keep the baby protected and would love it with all of her heart, which of course she would do.
James stood shocked at Courtney walked outside, leaving him speechless in the kitchen. He took a deep breath and sighed as he sat on the couch, placing his face in his palms and trying to relax. As he stood back up he looked at the time and realized nearly half an hour had passed, so he slowly made his way outside and stood beside Courtney. He didn't look at her, he just stared forward quietly,"We're you afraid to tell me because you're afraid I'm going to leave you?"he asked after a few seconds, looking down.
Courtney looks at James. "Yes" She says and then sighs, looking down again. "Are you?... Going to leave me?" She asks, sniffing a little bit and blinking back a couple of tears that were trying to form in her eyes. She then stared straight ahead again. She really loved him, and would never want him to leave her. She knew this was sudden, but they'd be okay, wouldn't they?
"Of course I'm not going to leave you,"he said stepping in front of her."Look at me,"James said staring in Courtney 's eyes."I love you and I'll love the baby just as much. We can do this. It may be hard but we'll figure it out, okay? I'm not going to leave. Ever. You're stuck with me now,"he said chuckling a little, trying to lighten to mood."Come on, let's go to bed and just relax for a bit and we can talk about everything tomorrow,"he said softly, kissing her forehead as he lead her inside.
Courtney laughs and then smiles, and then headed upstairs to go to bed. She yawns and then pulled the duvet over herself once she got into bed. She waited for James.
After James showered and changed into a pair of shorts, he pulled the covers over him and turned to look over at Courtney. He smiled a little and chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer to him."How far alone are you?"he asked raising an eyebrow. He was trying to think of the last time...they were... together like that.
Courtney places her head onto his chest. "A week or so" She says and then held onto his hand. She stares up at the ceiling. She kisses him, "Night" She says and then fell asleep almost instantly. The next morning she woke up. She sat yo and then rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She looked over at James, who was probably still asleep and then snuggles against him.
James yawned slightly and groaned as he felt someone get closer to him, but his body realized that it was Courtney and he wrapped his arms around her and rolled over so that he was laying on her. He made sure not to put all his weight on her and he lifted his head up tiredly to look at her with a smile. He gave her a soft kiss before laying his head back down on her chest with his arms around her.
Courtney smiles and then kisses his lips. "Morning" She says and then brushed her fingers through his hair. "I had a dream that we went to the beach together" She says and then looks at him. "Should we go to the beach today? The weather is nice" She says and glances out of the window.
James looked over at the window and then back at Courtney."We can if you want. Orrrrr we could stay in bed all day and talk and relax,"he said kissing her neck softly before pushing his body up so he was hovering over top of her."We can head to the beach later if you want,"he said chuckling, leaning down and doing a push up above her.
Courtney kisses him and then sat up. "I love you" She says and then wraps her arms around him, then kisses his neck. "How about we to to the beach, and then we can get some ice cream on the way home? How does that sound?" She suggests and then goes over to their wardrobe. She had a medium sized colourful bag full of beach items, which she had been saving especially for the occasion. She pulls out the bag and then dug through some of the things.
"Sounds great,"James said with a chuckled as he jumped up and walked over to the closet with Courtney. After pulling out a pair of swim trunks, James walked into the bathroom to take a quick shower. Fifteen minutes later, James came out with two beach towels and his swimming trunks on.
Courtney did the same, showered, got her swimsuit on and then headed outside in her sandals, she began to walk down to the beach as she held onto her beach bag with all of her essentials. The beach wasn't far away from where they lived so they didn't have that long to walk. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day out. She puts her sunglasses on and then lay in the sand, staring upwards.
James sat down beside courtney in the sand and sat back to let his body tan and relax as he listened to the waves crashing in front of him.
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