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  1. Name: Rylynn Nadeem
    Age: 17
    Bio: He grew up with a normal family in a middle class situation. He had always had dreams of being a musician. He plays the violin and guitar. He'd been playing since a child in private school. Mother's business collapsed leading him to go to public school. It was a big change. Ry wasn't the typical loner. He was nice to everyone but always had his secrets about him. He met a girl that quickly became his friend and into his bestfriend. She knew things no one else knew. High school came around and he had stuck with being a virgin. Sure, flirting was his personality but he never once slept with a girl. He was a good boy who wasn't afraid to be himself.
    Other: not anything yet.
  2. Name: Amie Trinity Moore
    Age: 16
    Bio: Amie had never grown up with a dad. He left her mother before she was born, and since he never bothered to try and contact her or her mother, she just figured he was a waste of her time. So, she was forced to live without a dad. She didn't mind though. She had met her best friend, and he really helped take her mind off of that. She was kind to him and they quickly became best friends. She'd had many boyfriends, but never actually slept with any of them. Even after entering high school. She's pretty shy, but can be childish at some times.
    Other: None.