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  1. Hello!

    I'm one of those writers who likes to plan and build extravagant worlds. However, not many people are interested. I try to figure out why that is. One thing I did notice is the lack of fluidity between event to event. For hat reason, going off of memory or even sifting through old archives never cuts it.

    Fun Fact: I started a role play that lasted for six months without even trying.
    However, I want to start something new and undiscovered.

    I am a HUGE fan of nation creation, historical fiction and dystopian role plays. My head's full of ideas (some are good, some are not), but I fall short at making it happen.

    I would like to get involved, but I can't seem to make it without someone glossing me over.
    At this time, what should I do? I've made LOTS of RPs on other forums. I remember that one of them had a 2500 character limit, and then I'd have to expand it by hand.

    I find that it takes me two weeks to get an RP planned out (minus the endings). I find myself a polished writer, but I find that my writing ideas take more time than I want.

    I would like some ideas going about new RP ideas, GMing tips, etc.
  2. Sounds like you're mostly suffering a case of TLDR!

    Lots of people love big, expanding worlds to play in, not many love having to do a lot of OOC or narration reading for it :/

    In addition, laying down too much detail up front can give the impression that the world is complex and inflexible (already built, little room to change or grow) and will be difficult to play in.

    Keeping a lot of the info "backstage" not only gives you room to change things to accomodate the story and the other players' ideas, it makes it physically and mentally easier for people to get started!

    Another perk to keeping info on reserve is that it gives players room to brainstorm. Players stay active when they are excited and invested, and most often that starts with them brainstorming awesome characters, with awesome back stories and possible futures! Giving them lots of - even perceived - room for creativity kickstarts that process.

    Try cutting your initial description way, way down; aim for a total post (including rules etc) length of ~800 words and operate on a "more info given as necessary" and/or "ask for more info" basis.

    Ask yourself, what do people *really* need to know to play in this world? Often, (at least in the beginning) they only need to know as much as their character would.

    Good luck, I will come back later with some more general tips on getting/running a roleplay with a large or elaborate world or story
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  3. I prefer writing out my worlds or even plotting them as drafts.
    Even as a participant, I find that my time management falls short (and terribly so).

    It totally explains a lot. Thanks, MB~
  4. Mini pretty much hit the nail on the head. One thing to keep in mind when you're world building and trying to make a deep universe is that while your creation seems intutive to you, it may be way too much for a passerby to keep straight or visualize. Making something too lore dense may be utterly alienating for people, you have to make it accessible.

    One way to look at it i imagine joining a big roleplay with very long character sheets. Now try to imagine remembering all the details of someone's sheet while you're writing. It's hard! Now add having to remember 7 unique races, the poliics and customs of 5 nations, and the rules and mechanics of technology and magic and so on so forth and it can be overwhelmimg

    Given a lot of roleplays don't last long, it's a risky time investment for a lot of people.

    Keep things simple and straight forward and have info ready for anyone who may ask for it and it should help!
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