RP! D:

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  1. Usually, when I come here, I make up plots. But, this time, I want to see what ideas the other members have in mind. So, if you are looking for a partner, I'll be glad to write with you! However you want to answer this request is fine. You can reply here or in a pm. The choice is yours. Don't be shy! *smiles*
  2. Well I'd say yo're a regular RP nut like me! >:P
  3. *raises hand*
    I have rp ideas in my blog, romance, survival and more
    Tell me if something feels interesting :9 the most is written on a whim in the middle of the night so it can be a bit flummy and we can change things in the rp and such. If nothing interestes you then we can brainstorm something up together? :9
  4. @Tenchi: Lol. yes, I am addicted

    @Blood, I'll take a look at it. =^__^=