RP crashers

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  1. Have you ever joined a roleplay, or at some point during your time in a roleplay, decided to screw over the entire IC plot?

    Like, say two dudes are just in the middle of a battle. You come in, and drop clusterfuckbombs all over the place and screw the entire story over. Or maybe your character knocks up another and you ditch them when they go into labor?

    its kind of a douche move.

  2. Only bad role players do that shit. It's not in any way helping to create a story, just a different type of godmoding in the first instance, and player abandonment in the second. It's also a good way to have people not invite you into games and get a bad reputation for yourself.
  3. Yep, those people are twats. Disrupting a roleplay is as easy as child abuse, glue-sniffing and racism.
  4. 1. Does anyone think that's funny?
    2. Would they like it if someone did that to them?
    3. Do their balls feel bigger knowing they can fuck up a perfectly good plot?
    4. Do they think GMs will put up with that shit, or the Staff and Admins for that matter?

  5. Simply no.

    It would ruin the beauty of the role play.
  6. What if you crashed a roleplay that happens to have a crappy story, and you want to take revenge on the owner?

    This happened way back to this guy I knew on another site. We joined a forum but then the fandom got screwed over. Eventually we quit (at least I did) and the other guy came back one last time and tried to screw over the story. He got banned, and I think I got a PM asking me to come back or something.
  7. ....

    You deliberately fucked over a story because you didn't like the plot?

    Would you like a shovel, Jay?
  8. I had a friend who used to join my social circle's table tops all the time and always wanted to play a joke character. Some humour is fun, but when you start building walking log cabins and acting like a fool in whats supposed to be a horror/drama storyline, thats just not cool. Good GMs can help prevent this kind of shinanniganry.
  9. The way I read it, I was under the impression that Jay was involved in a storyline but he got bored and left, but his friend decided to go back a screw up the game.
  10. Why would you do this anyways? No matter how the plotline is going, don't mess with it. The GM had every good intention of their thread going well and they would want it to try and pick up a bit even if it is going a bit slow or bad, so don't touch it.

    If you are going to be a dick about getting vengence over a thread you think became 'boring', well that just pisses me off quite frankly. >:/

    You may not like it, but others do and the whole basis of RPing is with others, so watch what you do and say otherwise people may get the wrong impression. And for god sakes DON'T fuck with RPs -.-
  11. Isn't that essentially what your other threat was about Jay?
  12. It's a pretty douche move.

    ....But I will admit sometimes the temptation is really strong for me to be an asshole in a roleplay if things have gone from "Yay this is cool!" to "What the fuck are these people doing?".

    I also flippit if someone pulls stupid stuff in my roleplays. XD If someone wants to godmod crazy weapons or something insane in my roleplay, I will punish In Character with consequences from the world. Modern time civilian having crazyshit guns and blowing stuff up? Here comes the SWAT team! Historical fantasy with magic that don't belong there? Here comes the witch hunters!

    But I never go in to someone else's game where I don't like stuff with the intention to ruin it. o_o I just don't join it. We all have things we enjoy and things we hate. XD