RP characters face tough economic challenges, too.

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  1. How would your character(s) survive during these tough economic times? What would they do to make ends meet? Maybe they already have a kickass job?

  2. Well let's see Sasha might be a witch, but her income comes from renting space in her building and sells from her bookstore. I think she'd be making small deals to retain tenants vs have them leave and since her employees at the bookstore is like family she'd rather have them work at the shop more then her (thus she can deal with the weird on the island). If things got really bad she could suffer the teasing from her sister and just convince her boyfriend to give up his apartment and move into the manor house.

    If the spy agency couldn't keep Cynthia as a full time employee she could always go back to her job as Junior Manager at some crappy pizza chain. Shouldn't be too hard to hide a high caliber gun in an apron. Or she could just find the mole, kill them, and then there would be an extra opening with the agency.