RP Character Subforum under the OOC Section?

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Moonlit Blade

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I was wondering, has anyone thought of possibly creating a subforum for RP characters somewhere? If we do have one, and I just keep missing it, my apologies, but if we don't I figure it might be helpful for some of us.

I mean, I've occasionally created some characters on the spot, and if there was a subforum where we could all just create topics of our own to keep characters there for reference or future use, it might be pretty useful, instead of having to rifle through OOCs and such.

Just a thought to consider, I suppose.
We do not, but the blogs are an excellent way to store your characters for reference and sharing.
Ocha's right, there's plenty of space on our blogs, you can also divvy it up into neat little folders, customize the look and enjoy! I keep my characters in there personally and it's really easy to hunt them down to reuse, steal ideas from etc.
Oh, okay then! I figured that's what most people did, but I was curious.
Yeah, as the other two have said, blogs are the best way to store info for your characters in a quick sharing manner since trying to make a subboard for a lot of members would take up a lot of server space. Also be sure to use the photo albums on your profile to save pics for your characters.
Well, not that it takes up server space. XD It just makes the forum listing a mess with extra extra needless subforums.

I LOVE the blogs, anyway, cause of the categories. o____o I've been saving my char bios in there, along with RP logs and other goodies.
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