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I know some of you like to imagine your characters having cool music whenever they're doing their thing, so post 'em here. You might also imagine another player's characters to a specific soundtrack, so you may want to share that too.

Paorou's Ambition project - General/Intro Theme "War FLAG" Touhou Soundtrack Remix by O-life Japan

Iwaku World - Paorou-sama (Post-Iwaku Admin War) - "Infinite Being" Touhou Soundtrack Remix by O-life Japan

Dark Reign - Asmodeus - "Reincarnation" Touhou Soundtrack Remix by O-life Japan

Dark Reign - Furrow Insayne - "Something like a Metal NECROFANTASIA" Touhou Soundtrack Remix by O-life Japan

Dark Heresy - Confessor Paulus Madarac - "Holy Orders III" GG Overture OST by Daisuke Ishiwatari
So most are for Dark Reign but a few are in here for an RP not released in OOC form. (and one ICSYL one)

The High Councilman's Theme: Dark Reign

The Council's Main Chamber Theme: Dark Reign

Demte's Theme: Verismo

The Verismo: Verismo

Atoshi's End: ICSYL

Xai and Liliette: Verismo

That's what I got so far heh.
Oooh, fun. I'll have to come back tomorrow and do this.
I love threads like this, always lead to finding new music I wouldn't have heard otherwise.
Since we appear to be doing Dark Reign characters...

IWAKU: Dark Reign - Grumpy

IWAKU: Dark Reign - Grant Page
Vs Dark Bogan: ICSYL

Kraw's theme: ICSYL

Art's theme: Verismo

And of course, a special song befitting only a man whom draws power from whales that dwell beyond the sky.

Kane's theme: Red as Crimson
These are more to be themes than they actually are but anyway this is the list.

1- Is it impossible to win?
2- Suspicious Movement (Jane’s theme)
3- Ascending Tower of Gods
4- Is this our future?
5- Mysterious Man’s theme
6- Battle with the God’s
7- A new adventure
8- Mia's Theme

Yeah anyway this is more like the beta version of what I want, but probably won’t happen any time soon.
Iwaku Dark Reign: Pirogeth