RP Character Battling Arena(open)

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  1. Welcome one and all to the greatest fights you will ever have the honor of witnessing in your entire life. 32 brave contestants have agreed to put life and limb on the line in exchange for glory in the most epic arena of all time. All of them have been randomly matched up into 16 grouos of two where they will each endure a 1x1 fight to the death. The winner gets to advance to round two while the loser... doesn't. The matches will continue until one epic hero comes out as the ultimate victor. There can be only one winner in these matches to the death and who knkows who the winner will be... it might even be you?

    Experience a one on one RP fight to the death to see who has the ultimate character. There will be 32 contestants (you may each only RP as one character so you don't end up having to fight yourself. That would be interesting to see though...) I think the premise seems simpke enough.

    No CS required simply PM me or comment below to ask to be in the RP or you can be a judge as well in case the players can't work out the results of the fight amongst themselves.

    1-No breaking character on the RP
    2-No godmodding
    3-If ya die YOU DIE just accept it
    4-If you have any problems or can't come to an agreement with another player contact me or one of the judges when I post who they are.
    5-Post on a regular basis if you go more than four days without posting without contacting me or one of the judges you will auto lose your fight and the contest

    Check back with this page as it will be updated often (click dat 'watch' button) and please feel free to share this thread with everyone you know so that we may get this started as soon ss possible.
    -Thanks Raye Fields
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.