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  1. So I'm in need of some more rps. First off, I do do mature so just ask if you want it to be one though atm I'm only doing mxf pairings. I write at least a paragraph usually but I do brain fart sometimes and do one liners but I still make them count. I tend to incorporate romance into most rps in some way. I play both genders. If you have any plot ideas, I'm all ears.

    Genres I don't do:
    Wild West

    Rps I'd like to do:
    Master x Slave
    Tales of Vesperia, Symphonia, etc.

    Thank you for your time!
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  2. Paranormal
    are both interesting to me =)
    I usually play F
    And a little romance is fine, just don't get too far mature please..
    So...think it'll work?
  3. Ya! Both or just one of them?
  4. oooh...we could try paranormal vampires?
    Or both
    Or one
    Doesn't really matter to me, im open for anything =)
  5. Hmm... what if we were a team of paranormal investigators?
  6. I always like something about vampires, but I'd like to actually be a vampire you see... do you have any time period preferences? If not, I would either like the Victorian era in England or the modern era settings.
    I play M and F equally, so it depends on your mood, honestly. I am thinking something in the direction of a tragical romance sort of story, or at least something affected by the fact that the character I play is a vampire. Say, if the vampire turns out to attack and accidentally kill someone who turns out to be the person they like's friend, sibling or something of the like. That would probably give the vampire reasons to regret once they see that the person they like is depressed over the loss of a friend or relative.
    Or something like that, just shooting straight from the hip.
  7. Lol I'm not very good with historical so modern setting would be better. But your vamp could be from then if you want. I can play either as well. I'll play the female if thats okay though. As for story, I like it.
  8. It makes sense that the vampire would be the male, so the victim can be... either the female's sister or mother, a close relative who's also a female. Or her best friend. My vampire is old. Oh, is he old alright? He shouldn't have made that mistake.. but he did. An old man like him shouldn't have been so reckless. He appears as a 20-year old, as the day he was turned into a vampire. Rest I'll need to figure out in a moment.
  9. How about something with vampires and the supernatural and such? I might have a few ideas floating around if you're still partner searching.
  10. Minagi: take your time

    Falling: sorry, I've already got enough rps about those. If there's anything else though...
  11. I have a character in mind, so do we just start?
  12. It's okay, I understand. How about something Mafia related? I do have a RP based on gang life if you don't have many of those types going on?
  13. Minagi: can you start it?

    Falling: sorry, don't do those. Even says it up top.
  14. I understand. I'll start it in a minute.
  15. I'm intrigued by the neko rp idea. did you have anything specific in mind for that?
    Oh and btw, I only play female characters because I can't realistically pull off males.
  16. That's fine! I can play either anyway. As for the neko idea, not really any real ideas. I just love nekos so we could mix it with another idea either of us have.
  17. Big talking of me, fell asleep, haha. Anyways, I'll write the starter now.
  18. Lol its all good!
  19. Oooh. I had an idea about a neko story you might want to hear. So say, in this alternate universe, humans are so up on their high horse that nekoes have become extremely rare. Little do most of the humans know, the poachers have been slowly eradicating the species because of trafficking. Theyre captured and sold on a daily basis and no humans seem to care. especially not the ones buying. I would play a neko girl and she would be alone, homeless, trying to conceal her unnatural eyes (the only feature she couldn't successfully hide under clothing) and your character could be a considerate guy, who lives alone and is willing to take her in. Maybe she just got beat up by a gang on the streets and she's extremely hungry and faints or something. he could carry her to his car and bring her home. Then he might convince her to stay and they could fall in love and then the poachers could kidnap her and sell her and he has to go on this crazy journey to find her or something like that. Do you like it? Do you want to change anything? want me to add any details?
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