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  1. I really want to practice drawing, and seeing as no one is asking for requests, I thought maybe I should take on a project. I've always toyed around with the idea of making a kind of online comic based on one of my RPs but I never got around to actually try it out, so I'm trying to change that now.

    I was thinking maybe using an RP I was planning to base the comic on, but I want to know how many people would be interested in it...

    Of course, we can try to come up with a different RP altogether, but for those interested in mine, you can check out my blog where I talk about Skelocia ("Skelocia and the Outside", "Sketching a Culture", and "Ghosts and Spirits") and the RP ("RP WIP").

    Thank you everyone!

    RP Plot (WIP? open to other people's feedback) (open)

    Note: Airlight is an RP based on a story I'm working on, but obviously this RP will take a different turn from the story.


    Behold Skelocia, the most powerful country in the world. It is a utopia to the Skelocian citizen, who lives a life of comfort and knowledge. Sadly for its inhabitants, mere knowledge does not save one from ignorance, and knowledge does not equal wisdom. While professionals abound this so-called utopian country, none of them are aware of what really goes on in The Outside. There is a war out there -- they know this much -- but they speak ill of an enemy with no face. Who is it they're fighting anyway? No one really questions it. If you do, well you are stupid and ignorant.

    "Of course there's a war, don't you know! There's an enemy we're fighting -- why else do you think it's called a war?
    Yearly, young men (native Skelocians and even immigrants) from different parts of this proud country are sent letters from the capital, Ashe'i, recruiting them for service in the military-police. They are encouraged -- expected even -- to join. What about women, you may ask? Women were only just now given that same opportunity. We are modernizing, the government says. Whatever their reasons, still, families of these young women are hesitant to send them off. Skelocians despise change. Nevertheless, some brave young women (mostly orphans and girls whose families desperately want to move to the capital) gladly volunteered.

    You will play as one of these brave young recruits, perhaps even members of the Skelocian military-police, as they train to become one of those select few that are trusted with the information kept secret from the public. Perhaps then you may uncover the mysteries of Skelocia's forgotten past.

    In this story, the young recruits will be dealing with spirits, monsters (demons), military weaponry, and use of "magic" (known here as aessen), so expect some violence. Also, due to this new program the Skelocian military-police implemented, young men and women recruits will do different things. Men will explore The Outside and fight the enemy (which up until then, they didn't know who they were) while the women would work with new technology being tested by the Skelocian MP with a focus on aessen and the study of fae.

    While training, plenty of male-female interaction may take place, but they live in separate buildings. During missions, it is definitely possible for male-females to work together, so don't worry too much about the separation of men and women here -- the program mentioned in above paragraph is the usual case but is not always true, thus a mere guideline.)

    Original characters are required, so in order to join this RP you must have filled out the application and be accepted before continuing. The reason for this is because I can't take Sasuke Uchiha or Buffy the Vampire Slayer seriously in my RP. Besides, I want this to be new and different and something everybody put lots of thought into to create.

    I would like to make drawings of scenes from this RP and maybe turn it into some kind of comic book to make things interesting, so I will make quick sketches of each of your characters (face claims?) before we start RPing. For that to happen, I need lots of details regarding your character's appearance and personality. Please have fun with this!

    Skelocia (open)

    Skelocia (landmass on the right)
    The Outside (the landmass on the left; feel free to create your own city-state or village)

    (Important Skelocian cities and Outside villages/city-states will be included on the map later)

    My RP's Background Info:
    About Skelocia and World Laws (open)

    Sketching A Culture (open)

    World Name: (And/or the name of the country where most of the story happens)
    The country where most of the story happens is called Skelocia.

    How does the average commoner/noble person dress?
    They dress nicely. The attire seems futuristic, advanced, with a touch of Asian influence.

    Some common occupations:
    Military-police, doctor, teacher, bureaucrat, engineer, architect. Teachers are, like the other occupations, respected and treated as professionals -- even those in primary schools.

    Education system: (What level of education is standard? What is considered advanced? Do people typically learn in schools, or under individual tutelage?)
    It is very normal to be highly-educated and literate, but not everyone has "professional" jobs and work as salesmen or service workers instead. Someone is "advanced" when they are not just knowledgeable but also clever problem-solvers. Everyone learns in schools.

    The dominant religion and a brief overview of how it is practiced:
    There is no religion per se (the government discouraged having a religion a very long time ago) but some isolated towns near forests or by the shores have superstitions based on these old beliefs.

    The pagan religion suggested there was a more intimate relationship between the dead and people.

    The main cities (or just the capital) and what makes them/it unique:
    The capital of Skelocia is Ashe'i -- this the largest, best protected, and most advanced city in the world. It houses the royal family and the military-police headquarters.

    Coirue Idelo -- a prosperous, therefore important, port city.

    What kind of food do the locals enjoy?
    Skelocia is pretty big, so there isn't a uniform "culture." Rather, the "culture" is determined by region and the further away from Ashe'ian authority, the less influence it has. So, less important coastal cities tend to enjoy seafood and seaweed -- these aren't usually considered to be dignifying foods. Coirue Idelo, however, is strongly influenced by Ashe'ian authority and so only "luxurious" and rare foods (from sea or brought from other places, mainly meat) are viewed as acceptable to eat. Near forests, people usually hunt their meat. In mountains, they eat the goats that they care for. In general, red meat is the most preferred of foods in Skelocia.

    Technological era:
    In Skelocia, there is such thing as high-technology, but a disproportionate amount of people (compared to the total population) actually have a mastery of it. These are usually only those in some way affiliated with the military-police. So although hi-tech is available, it is not distributed throughout the country equally, leaving it to appear lo-tech.

    The most recent war or historical event that most effects the culture in the present: (e.g.: 9/11, Jack the Ripper, the Olympics, Bird Flu)
    There is an unnamed war going on against "the Outside." The common person will ignorantly spew protests of the faceless enemy, as they do not even know what "the Outside" looks like. In Skelocia, having knowledge (being a doctor or engineer or whatever) does not equal to being free of ignorance. They do not question what they are being told by the government. Everyone takes the fact there is a war as common sense knowledge and they never question it. Propaganda is a common sight and people would even use propaganda as a form of entertainment.

    Three important historical, religious, or magical sites:
    History and religion has been pretty much erased by the current operating Skelocian government many, many years ago (no one remembers when). The only surviving tales of before the government are those passed down by parents, and these tales are by now so skewed and unreliable that they are now thought of as made-up and fantastical. The only surviving magical sites are islands off the coast of Skelocia, known only by the military-police.

    Any political conflicts going on: (a divide between classes, racial tension, border skirmishes, dangerous cult)
    Supposedly Skelocia is egalitarian, but there are still some tensions between foreigners and natives, people of different classes/rank (differences are less obvious than in our societies but a division of classes still exists), and males and females (due to unspoken gender role rules still in place), etc. However, between males and females there isn't really an obvious political conflict -- still, the tension is there. Every now and then, a conflict arises due to attacks from evil spirits, but the government and everyone else (except those directly involved with the incidents) refuse to accept these were caused by supernatural forces.

    Any particularly strange/unique laws:
    If a thief is caught stealing, they will be executed. Skelocia is very strict and intolerant of those not following laws. Also, those who speak against the royal family will be taken away for a week. It used to be worse before, when the current government first took over long, long ago. They executed all who were believed to be speaking against the government -- but no one remembers that anymore.

    How are Criminals treated? (Outlawed, banished, tortured, imprisoned, put in a dungeon, etc)
    Criminals would either be executed, or taken to a building where they would be "treated" for corrupted thinking. Treatment involves some psychological torture, lack of food and sleep (like in taming of a wild animal), and finally brainwashing.

    The most popular form of entertainment:
    Attending cultural festivals (at least the version of the ancient pagan festivals that remain in the collective memory of the people).

    The country's main industry for which it is known: (e.g.: Early Canada's Beaver Pelts, Chinese silks and spices)

    About Life Essence (open)
    In the Skelocian language, Life Essence is known as Aessen (aessei, singular).

    Aessen is the building block of life here in this world. Prior to anything existing in this world, there were only the elements and there was no life and death yet. However, aessen were scattered throughout the world. Eventually, the aessen would gather and form pools called Gatherings. These Gatherings are the same thing as Spirits, and the more aessen a Gathering has, the more sentience it possesses. Eventually you get Great Spirits (known by humans as deities).

    These Great Spirits, Dahae, are responsible for producing great changes in their surroundings, such as rain, tsunamis, earthquakes, sandstorms, waterfalls, etc. Some Great Spirits have also found a way to summon aessen and convert it to living things. Creating life seems to promote Dahae to a new status, Celnehae, where they are then worshipped as deities by the living.

    The art of creating living things, to convert aessen into flesh, is a highly controversial matter to sentient spirits. For one, it is considered shameful for sentient spirits to switch body types, from a ethereal type to manifest type. However, sentient living things consider their bodies to be somewhat superior and blessed.

    Hierarchy [by amount of aessen consumed]:
    》(Human - conscious, intelligent)
    》Faessen (Animal)
    》Celnehae/Dahae (Heavenly/Great Spirit)
    》Kyuuhae (Lesser Spirit)
    》(Ghost - Low Sentience)

    Hierarchy [by capability to use aessen, any time]:
    》Celnehae/Dahae (Heavenly/Great Spirit)
    》Kyuuhae (Lesser Spirit)
    》Faessen (Animal)

    [Spirits can cause change without touching and have a lot more aessen at their disposal]
    [Living costs a lot of aessen and one must regain it by eating daily.]

    》living means you become tangible, you can touch.
    》spirits that take over bodies LOVE the sense of touch. They take great joy in this.
    》spirits call the human form "ugly" and horribly inefficient.
    》ghosts are dead humans and have extremely poor control of their new form since they are so accustomed to living.

    [Pros and Cons of assuming Manifest or Ethereal form]
    》Possess a tangible body
    》Able to touch, experience
    》Bonds created with other beings means unity
    》Able to make more specific changes to environment -- as opposed to broad changes made by Dahae (weather, terraforming). This means technology, buildings, and art.
    》Form is temporary (Mortal)
    》Constant need to restore aessen (Feeding)
    》Less Free Aessen (Weak)
    》Form is fragile (Cons of being tangible)
    》Travel is difficult and much slower when compared to Ethereal Type

    》More Free Aessen at their disposal (Powerful)
    》Travel freely and much faster
    》No restrictions due to lack of social structure
    》No bonds with other beings means not being committed to others
    》Inability to touch
    》Inability to make specific change in environment
    》Difficult to create physical damage (Possible but difficult without development of skill -- can still, however, make "spiritual" damage with relative ease)

    [How does reincarnation work?]
    Reincarnation means all your previous consciousness is erased once you achieve true death (through complete dissipation). You will cease to exist but your aessen will continue to move on and become part of new life forms. However, this process takes a while, and your aessen (in the form of a ghost) might wander along the world, not sure what to do, repeating things done in life mindlessly. This is assuming you died relatively peacefully, but others' ghosts may still possess some sentience (due to strong emotions or focused will) and would take revenge or linger with loved ones, etc. The "afterlife" varies but most do not do anything too extraordinary.

    [Animals and Humans] - Manifest Type
    Animals are very spiritual but lower-sentient beings. They often get along with their environment, the elements, and rarely go against nature. They will still consume other animals to survive, but they despise how humans interfere with their way of life, destroying their habitats and prey, etc.

    Humans are less spiritual but highly-sentient beings. They often fight to control their environment, the elements, and usually go against nature. This often leads into conflicts between them and spirits or animals.

    [Dahae and Kyuuhae] - Ethereal Type
    Spirits are separated into two categories, Dahae and Kyuuhae. Dahae are highly-sentient spirits, while Kyuuhae are lower-sentient. Ghosts are a single category.

    Dahae are great spirits formed from a lot of aessen. As such, they are ancient and know more about the world. Celnehae come from this type of spirit. Celnehae are highly sentient, powerful, and what distinguishes them from Dahae is its ability to "create" life. They "create" life in the same way a sculptor creates a sculpture: it takes materials in its possession to create something new (in this case, aessen). As creators, Celnehae hold a soft spot for their creations and they love their attention. They crave faith from humans. Faith boosts their ego and thus their motivation to cause change, usually in their preferred group's favor. Without faith, Celnehae would carry out their every whim without restraint (think of a child who is being ignored -- they throw tantrums).

    Kyuuhae behave somewhat like animals and they seem to hold a closer relationship with them than with the Dahae. Neutral Kyuuhae -- AKA the default -- seem to have a deeper connection with the world and do not need to use aessen, therefore there's no need to consume much of it, and thus do not feel a need to behave in their individual favor. However, there are two other kinds of Kyuuhae: Angelic and Demonic. Angelic Kyuuhae bless (heals, etc) the living and guards those it takes a liking to, while Demonic Kyuuhae destroy and consume any living thing in its path.

    [Ghosts] - Ethereal and Manifest Type
    Ghosts are a mixture of Manifest and Ethereal Types. They are defined as the collection of aessen from a once-living thing that still lingers after death. Ghosts have low sentience, which means they will wander about with less control than spirits. They will retain some memory of their life, but usually will not be able to do much with it due to the fact ghosts are stuck between life and death. It is as if they are asleep and in a dreamlike state, where they are unable to take rein of their instincts, and "waking" them up risks an imbalance sufficient enough to cause them to dissipate, as the ghost state is very fragile. Only in the right conditions will a ghost attain consciousness, through a careful balance of strength and focus.

    Ghosts and Spirits (open)

    Do ghosts or spirits exist?
    Ghosts do exist but you may not be able to see them too well, depending on the circumstances of their death. Ghosts are life essence weakly held together by their will -- a result of the strength of their emotions. If the individual "ghost" is too weak or if a more powerful "Gathering" consumes it, they will join and the "Gathering" becomes bigger and thus more powerful. "Gatherings" are a body of life essences big enough to become a single, somewhat sentient being (a spirit -- no longer a human per se since it combines all the ghosts' consciousness). "Gatherings" (or spirits) can be overall bad or overall good, meaning they can be monsters or they can be like spirit guides. Also, angry ghosts are easier to notice than benevolent ghosts since they are mostly violent and deadly (they make themselves known). You rarely see a good ghost but you can definitely see a good spirit.

    WHY do they exist?
    The bad ghosts exist because they died a violent death or died extremely unhappy and their life essence floats around the Earth until enough are collected in one place. Once enough is collected, the life essence transforms into a vile spirit bent on revenge on humanity.

    Good ghosts exist simply because of a strong desire to do more for humankind even after death. They are very altruistic and die hoping they will be of service one last time.

    There are SOME unique cases when it comes to ghosts. The examples include (but are not limited to) vengeful mothers and protective mothers. Vengeful mothers, due to strong emotions, will never appear as a jumble of life essence. Rather, they will either take the body of the closest living creature (possession, usually of a predator or big-enough animal, possible only through a combination of extremely focused will through maternal instinct and strength derived from powerful feelings) and make it its mission to kill the baby's killer in this form or take revenge through haunting and torturing the killer using her own physical appearance. Protective mothers (dead but child alive) will take on a guise of a creature and watch over the child over the creature's lifetime.

    Where are these spirits SUPPOSED to be? Heaven? An afterlife? Rebirth? Gone forever?
    They are supposed to reincarnate after dissipating into the afterlife but good spirits can bless someone who needs life essence (sickly, dying), after which they will dissipate. Bad spirits, however, will try to kill every human they see (consuming their soul) and they will grow from the life essence consumed, refusing to dissipate into the afterlife. Humans or creatures can destroy the bad spirits and force them to start anew in the afterlife by scattering their life essence.

    Can people see them?
    Yes. Mere life essence (like from a badly scattered, weak ghost) will be seen as golden, floating dust BUT a Gathering will take a form of a monster or a good spirit.

    Are they tangible? Can they touch things?
    As Dust (weak ghosts), not really. As a Gathering, in a way, yes. With enough force they can hurt, but still not touch (think of how wind can cut you due to force and particles in the air).

    Can they possess people?
    Yes, but it's really hard to. The spirits may risk dissipation if they don't have enough strength or the will.

    Can they come back to life?
    No, unless they reincarnate (lose previous life's consciousness).

    Can they be destroyed or send away?
    Yes they can (explained in next question).

    How would you prevent or protect yourself from them?
    Take a bright source of light (like a flashlight, not fire) and flash the bad spirit until it scatters. It's harder the bigger they are. You could also charm the spirit and convince it to dissipate or just talk them to it if they're willing to listen. You can protect yourself by carrying some kind of container filled with water. Spirits are afraid of getting trapped in water.

    What are some MYTHS about them that people believe that are NOT true?
    One myth is that all the creatures they possess are bad (many people are deathly afraid of animals because of stories involving them killing people -- but not all creatures will go out of their way to do such things so it is very likely they were possessed.) Another myth is that a mere apparition will curse you and you will die in three days. The unlucky person will be isolated for three days as the others do not want to be jinxed (In actuality, for one to die, their soul must be "touched," but they can also be physically wounded to death, and you will die immediately -- NOT in three days. Also, you will very likely be weak, not dead, depending on strength of bad spirit.)

    Are they a common thing?
    Very common in forest areas since trees help keep life essence in place to gather.

    How do people react when you tell them you've seen a ghost?
    They will lock you away for three days, and if you survive, they look at you strange because according to their misguided beliefs you are supposed to die. Also, your survival indicates to them that you are allied with the bad spirits, so you may carry that stigma with you.

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  2. Not really my cup of tea, but just a helpful suggestion: if you post the links to the pages you mention, you'll probably get more interest. People like having a one-step process to the info they'll need instead of having to navigate their way to various places. ^^ You could also use spoilers to include all the information they'll need right in your post without having it be gargantuan.
    Anyways, good luck!
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  3. Thanks! Well, going back and forth between pages on a phone is such a hassle, so that will have to wait until I get on my laptop ; u ;
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  4. -- Finally updated first post to include more information at your fingertips instead of having to navigate through my blog haha --

    if nobody wants to do the comic thing that's fine with me i just want to RP with people ; u ;
  5. I like this idea, both the comic and the rp. I do have to say though; I am relatively new to roleplay, but if you're willing to put up with some stupid questions I'd be more than willing to do this with you.
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  6. Ahh thanks!! Don't worry about that, I'm a very patient person and I love questions! Feel free to ask me if you have any! :)
  7. Ok well like I said, if you guys have other ideas I'm fine with it but I just need someone to rp with because it seems no one's interested in anything of mine. I'm really getting bored here and not many people are responding to me so...

    I'm accepting invites to RPs and drawing requests if anyone's interested. I need something to occupy my time with ; ___ ;
  8. Oh, I'm sorry! I tried to reply again, but I guess my computer killed it. :( As I tried to say before, you can pm me and we can absolutely talk about an rp between us.