RP Banner Request

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  1. Alright, making a banner request for the first time...

    I'd like one for this roleplay. I think a dark color theme would work best, but not to the point where you can't see anything and it still stands out. I also am not sure what sizes would be appropriate for this, but the pictures I hope to be blended together are these ones: this one for the background of the banner, this on the upper left side, and this on the right side of the banner in the center, instead of the upper or lower portion. I would also like high clarity as well.

    As for the text, I'd like everything to be in the "Trinité" font. Within the middle and center of the roleplay banner, I want it to say "Redwood" and then at the bottom of that title, but a little aligned to the right: Will they survive a new generation...?
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