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  1. Hi!

    I'd like to request something not too incredibly fancy for a zombie RP. All I really ask is the title be there, which would be "Zombies Go Boom; A different apocalypse". Other than that, I will give the artist full freedom on their creativity. Thank you in advance!
  2. So please, would somebody be kind enough with some time at their hands and make a banner for my zombie RP? :D

    - Nothing to complicated
    -at least one bloody picture-zombie- in the banner-
    -and this TEXT :

    `` Zombies Go Boom.

    Will you survive the chaos and leave your emotions behind?`

    I did not see that you already made a request as I opened a thread for this to LOL..

    Hopefully someone can make an awesome banner :D
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  4. Sorry !:) just now I checked this thread !!

    It is awesome !;)) I love it xx

    I want it up if possible ;))
  5. May I have the link to the RP? c:
  6. Sorry I am on my phone cause my laptop is broken at the moment :(.

    Is in the horror section called Zombie Go Boom. ^^

    It's not hard to find ~
  7. Now it should be in rotation c:
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  8. Hello I would like a Banner for my Academy of 4 Kingdoms.

    1. Something with a Fantasy category look
    2. If you can maybe add an image of a Huge Academy in there it'd be great
    3. This TEXT
    "The 4 Great Kingdoms & Armies"

    "Do you have what it takes to rule over a Kingdom!?, Or lead an Army!?"
  9. [​IMG]
    Is this okay?

    (Not sure why you posted on someone else's request thread, though ^^")
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  10. Its spectacular! simply amazing. thank you very much.

    and im still not that sure how this Site works yet. sorry