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What is your absolute favorite plot candy? ♥

  1. Well, you gotta have romance!

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  2. Who doesn't love some guts and gore?

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  3. Drama, drama, drama! Bring on the tragedy!

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  4. Horror is always thrilling~

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  5. Why not have it all and THEN some?

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  1. [rainbow]Hello, everyone![/rainbow]


    My name is Elixir, but feel free to call me Eli, Lix, Lixi, or whatever you so desire. ♥

    I'm a little new to Iwaku, though I'm not new to RPing in the slightest. I've been in the business for about nine years now, seeing as I started when I was nine or ten. I'm currently eighteen, just in case you were wondering. ^^ I prefer to play female characters, though I'm fine with playing males if I have to. I don't have a specific age limit when it comes to who I partner up with, but I do prefer someone around my age or older. When it comes to skill, I really enjoy writing with someone who can keep up with me. I tend to write a bunch; three paragraphs with at least five lines each are my personal minimum. The most I've ever written before was about 18 paragraphs with six lines each, just to give you an idea on how much I'm able to write. As for my partner, I expect the same out of you as I would myself; at least three paragraphs with a minimum of five lines each. I'm understanding if writers' block is plaguing you, though. If needed, I can bump the minimum down to two paragraphs, but I'd really appreciate it if that exception was a rarity.

    As of lately, I've been craving various types of RPs. I'll go ahead and list my top five below in order of what I want to do most.

    Slave x Slave Owner's Son
    Set in the times of the Civil War; preferably in a large estate.
    *18+ with possible graphic violence, torture, abuse, sexual themes, and more.

    Witch x Witch Hunter
    Set in medieval times; preferably in a small town.
    *18+ with possible graphic violence, torture, abuse, religious and sexual themes, and more.

    Modern Beauty & The Beast
    Set in present times; preferably in a large city.
    *Can be teens or adults with possible fluff, abuse, sexual themes, and more.

    Perks of Being a Wallflower
    Set in present times; school and city based.
    *Teenagers with possible fluff, mental illness, sexual themes, and more.

    Zombie Apocalypse
    Set in present or futuristic times; can be anywhere.
    *18+ with possible graphic violence, character death, gore, sexual themes, and more.

    Just in case you were wondering, I mainly use drawings for my character appearances and setting references. I can use realistic photos if you insist, but I'm more abundant with anime pictures.

    With all that said, would any of you like to RP with me?
    Pretty please?
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  2. The first plot with the slaves sounds real cool!
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  3. Ohp, I believe you accidentally posted that message twice, dear. :o
    However, I'm glad you're interested in the first idea!
    I'll PM you so we can discuss further~
  4. I would love to discuss The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.
    That is if we make it our own? I'd like something like that.
    Maybe two characters each? Of even gender.
    We can tell it differently but similar.
    Message me please! :)
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  5. Hi! I'll be willing to do the zombie one with you if you'd like.
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  6. Really? That's great! ♥
    I'll PM you so we can brainstorm about plot ideas. ^^
  7. hallo.

    i'd love to hear your idea{s} for the third one, Modern Beauty & The Beast. i know that you already have a partner for Perks of Being a Wallflower, but if you have space for that one, i'd also be delighted to hear what you have in mind for it.
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  8. I think I'm going to be incredibly dedicated to the Perks of Being a Wallflower plot I have going, so I don't want to mess with the energy by trying out another twist of it with another person. I'm sorry about that! However, I would absolutely love doing a Modern Beauty and the Beast plot with you!

    I'll go ahead and PM you so we can brainstorm~ ♥
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  9. Hi! I am interested in (3) Modern Beauty & The Beast.. However, if you only want to play each RP once, then perhaps we could come up with something unique together??
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  10. I figure myself more of a fantasy man so I would like to take up your offer for witch and witch hunter.
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  11. @Tayssi ; Sorry, but I already have a taker on the Modern Beauty & The Beast. I don't really fancy doing more than one unless it truly becomes something different. If you'd like, feel free to shoot me a PM, and we can make something new together! I'm all for it~

    @Demaryu ; Oh, yay! I've been wanting a taker on the Witch x Witch Hunter one. I'll shoot you a PM, and we can brainstorm about it~
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