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  1. Im looking for someone to rp with. Im looking at soing a supernatural or anime rp. Something that has some romance in it as well. Maybe something like vampire x human. If you have any other ideas let me know im flexible
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  2. I'm up to doing the roleplay! :D
  3. Ok cool would you want to do supernatural or anime?
  4. Well honestly I like both supernatural and anime, I usually only post anime pictures anyway XP
  5. Well we could do an anime supernatural mix?
  6. Ok that sounds good to me then! ^^ Are you wanting to be vampire or my male character to be vampire? ^^ either way is fine with me. ^^
  7. Your character can be the vampire :)
  8. Ok I don't mind that. :3 I'll get to looking for a pic after I eat dinner, I'll be back in about 10 minutes tops, you get the OOC up and I'll make my character sheet in that afterwards.
  9. Ok that will give me time to get everything together. :)
  10. kk and back right on time like I said I would be hehe <3
  11. she's really cute and wanna do CS's? :D
  12. Sorry im new to this site what is cs's?
  13. CS refers to a Character sheet dear. ^^ Its like the outline of your character. ^^ Name, age, gender, appearance, biography, personality, social status, that sort of thing. ^^ usually people use pictures for their appearances on the site at least I do but sometimes people just put words for the appearance but I always put pictures gives better imagery. ^^
  14. O ok lol the pictures will be fine we dont have to do cs's
  15. oh ok cause I always like do CS's, lets me know how I should best react and somewhat expect. :P
  16. Ok then we can it doesnt matter
  17. ok thanks. ^^ Could you do one then I'll make one dear. ^^
  18. Ok give me a minute
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