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    So... I'm Echo! I love to roleplay and I'm new to this website so I thought I'd start with a 1x1.
    I'm down with a lot of things, and don't really have all that many expectations. I also have a lot of storylines, so if you tell me what kind of things you're interested in, or have your own storylines, I'm sure we can work something out, just drop me a PM! I'm fine with playing any gender and sexuality so.

    There are some things that I will not do though.
    -- Realistic/Slice-of-Life Storylines. Oh my god they bore me to tears. I'm sorry, but I roleplay to get away from life, thank you very much, not get more of it.
    -- I don't write paragraphs, nor do I really like them. I think roleplaying should run smoothly, and I don't really think writing super long paragraphs is how that works. I don't exactly write one-liners, but I write healthy two to five or six, depending on my mood. I can match longer paragraphs, but multiple paragraphs, I just can't do. Sorry.
    -- I'd prefer it to be third person, descriptive. I don't know if anyone uses script roleplaying on this site but it bugs the shit out of me.
    -- Stereotypical/Cliche Storylines make me want to bang my head against a wall. I mean, can't you be creative? If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll give some examples:
    In a MasterxPet roleplay, the master is always the male, and is always super cruel and eventually they fall in love and the girl teaches him how to be a good person again.
    Or in a VampirexHuman roleplay, the vampire is always the male and is always cold and reserved or cruel in some way, but the human gets him to open up and they skip happily ever after into the sunset.
    Try to be original?
    -- Good grammar is a most. When you talk like a friggin' two year old it makes me wonder why the hell you're roleplaying in the first place.
    -- This is not really a must, but I do prefer, in romance roleplays, that the relationship isn't perfect within seconds. I mean, in life, there are arguments. Shouting matches. Bumps in the road. No one clicks just like that. And love doesn't happen within seconds. I mean seriously. Try and let it build, let it grow. Don't skip right to the end; it's not a good story then.
    -- I think that's it.

    I said I don't really have a lot of expectations, but looking at this list.....

    Feel free to PM me if you'd like to roleplay! I don't bite.
    Too much. xD
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