RP... Anyone?

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  1. Well... Yeah. I'm bored. Looking for an rp partner I suppose. I'm up for most things, so if you've got an idea, I'm up for it. (Probably.)
  2. Do you do Fandom?
  3. If you pm me, I've got an idea I've beenwanting to try.
  4. Actually I don't think I've tried one of them yet... Buuuut... I could probably do one, yes. I think...
  5. Are there any series you particularly like?
  6. Anime or like... Tv series?
  7. Anime, tv series, video games, books or movies.
  8. Okay. Uhh...

    Fairy tail
    Soul eater
    Blue exorcist

    Maze runner... That was a good movie I guess.. Uh.. Divergent?

    Books.. I've read a lot of books... Don't remember most of the names tho.

    Ink heart was one I think
    Skullduggery pleasant
    And some others. I don't remember.

    So yeah, basically, that wasn't a very helpful answer i've just given... But yeah.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.